New accomplishments? How is your kid doing?

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Re: New accomplishments? How is your kid doing?

Postby painvestor » Fri Jan 22, 2016 2:32 am

I am a long-time reader of this forum and father to a 5 year old girl on the spectrum. She was diagnosed at 18 months and it has been a 3.5 year journey where we have tried a great many things to help her. She has limited verbal communication skills right now (mostly limited to mands), still has significant receptive language challenges, behavioral issues and is delayed in terms of fine motor skills – but has made good progress in each of these areas over the past 12-18 months.

One of the toughest parts of the journey up until recently has been keeping the faith that my daughter has a lot of innate intelligence even though there is limited external proof of such. Many people, even teachers who have a lot of experience interacting with kids with special needs, are quick to assume that if a kid won’t respond correctly it means they aren’t capable of understanding.

Over the summer, we began using an online computer based reading program at the suggestion of a therapist we were working with. It is called ASDReading and is designed to teach written language in a format that ASD kids can understand. Although our daughter had always liked looking at books, we were not sure how much she was picking up. Well, as soon as we started using this program, it was very clear she had picked up a great deal.

With my wife or I sitting next to my daughter and providing arm support, our daughter has been able to complete nearly half of this online reading curriculum over the past 8 months which includes exercises in writing sentences independently, spelling new words and reading comprehension. And this for a girl that many would probably label low functioning at this point. It has shown us that she comprehends a great deal. Recently, our daughter has begun typing short sentences on her own outside of the program when given the opportunity - like composing an email when I was on a work trip telling me that she missed me and wanted me to come home soon.

I would urge any parent with an ASD kid to give this program a try – there is a free 30 day trial: I feel very strongly that there are many ASD kids like my daughter out there that are being underestimated and just need the right avenue to begin to communicate with those around them. It has been so much fun to see my daughter excel at something and I am very hopeful that this can be a good approach for others as well.

Lucky one
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Re: New accomplishments? How is your kid doing?

Postby Lucky one » Fri Sep 09, 2016 2:53 am

I am a 17 year old kid and I was fortunate to overcome my autism. I was diagnosed at the age of two and my parents did everything in their power to find me specialists to help me with my diagnosis. As a three year old, I spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours in speech therapy. That time spent in therapy has paid of.

I am graduating high school in the summer of June 2017
I have a 4.58 GPA, straight A's taking multiple AP and college courses,got a 32 on the ACT, am the captain of the varsity soccer team, I am an Eagle Scout,and have a medium sized group of friends

My favorite subject are math and science and I use apply these subjects in my social life everyday. I still find socialize very difficult and when I have to interact with multiple people at the same time, I feel overwhelmed and I just shut down. I find it very difficult to pick up on social cues, so I have trained myself to be able to observe particular movements and actions and tie them to a social experience I have observed in the past. While this has been effective for me, I often fall behind in conversation because I am constantly analyzing their movements and cues and by the time I interpret them, the conversation has moved on.

I know this may not be helpful, but it just thought I would share my individual story. I have never told anyone about my past and feel like this is a good first step.

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Re: New accomplishments? How is your kid doing?

Postby EmilyV » Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:36 am

Lucky One,
this is amazing!!! thank you for sharing. Have you done any special diets or biomedical treatments?
What kind of therapy have you been doing?
I have a two year old and am hoping to help him the best we can!!!

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