Feeding Disorder help plz

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Feeding Disorder help plz

Postby tseng » Fri Oct 23, 2015 6:50 pm

My nearly 2 year son was Diagnosed with ASD a little after he turned a year old. We have always had issues with getting him to eat, he was almost 100% formula fed until he was 18 months old, now he can eat stage 2 babt food and baby oatmeal but if you try and get him to eat anything with texture such as puffs or baby rice cakes he refuses to eat it and will actually gag and vomit the minute it hits his tongue. His twin brother is already on full table foods. We're trying to get him into a specialist... but we have run out of idea's to get him to eat. At nearly 2 years old he's only 22lbs and in size 12mo clothes. He wont even drink pediasure.. but loves dumdums.

Any mothers been through this, what helped?

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