Help with chewing issues

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Help with chewing issues

Postby Smilesalot1216 » Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:58 am

My son is 6, and recently diagnosed with ASD, high functioning. He has had an IEP since 3 years old, and is currently in 1st grade. He is very bright and loves school, but we are having issues with his attention, finishing his work at school, and most importantly chewing. He chews all pencils he has down past the eraser, and chews on the metal. We have tried pencil toppers and chewers to help with this, but he is eating pieces off of them, and is now stealing other classmates pencils to chew on them. He says he does this because he needs to chew on something. He has specific items for this, but still he is chewing things he is not suppose to. He also rips pieces off his papers, and may or may not eat those. We are running out of ideas, and are open to anything and everything!

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Re: Help with chewing issues

Postby caretothepeople » Wed Nov 18, 2015 9:44 am

Hi Smilesalot1216 - Google "How to Decrease Chewing in Children with Autism". There's an article that comes up from a blog written by occupational therapists at a site called Sharon's Creative Corner. That article has a number of strategies to try to lessen or productively redirect chewing behavior. It might have some helpful tips for you to try!

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