Can anyone help me decipher these genes?

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Can anyone help me decipher these genes?

Postby NeedHelp » Thu Dec 31, 2015 5:40 pm

Hello. This is my first post here. I don't know if this is the right place to ask this considering I'm not autistic, but I can't seem to find a more appropriate forum (except one with a $50/year registration fee - hell no). Please excuse me if it isn't.

Anyway, I had myself DNA tested with 23andme and then I plugged in the raw data into Promethease. I found 3 genes which appear to describe my social interaction problems right on point. I was wondering if there are ways for me to work around these so I can have a better social life, such as a specific type of therapy, or tricks to fool my brain into thinking "properly", or ways to learn to emulate a normal brain. No medicine please though. Had a lot of psychs play around with meds and labels as a kid. Never again.

Here are the genes and the descriptions off Promethease:

Rs2237717 (mag 3.0)
"reduced abilities related to neurocognition and ability to recognize faces"
Rs1800497 (mag 2.9)
"Bad at avoidance of errors. 0.5x lower OCD risk, 0.87x lower Tardive Diskinesia risk, higher ADHD risk. More Alcohol Dependence. Lower risk of Postoperative Nausea. Increased obesity. Bupropion is not effective."
Rs53576 (mag 2.8)
"Lack of empathy?"

I've had friends tell me I lack empathy. I used to feel horrible about it (thinking it was my fault somehow) but now I'm slightly relieved to learn it's genetic.

Bad at avoidance of errors? Yup, that's me. I tend to make more mistakes than most people, specially at work. It sucks when you're doing your best but still manage to mess up on something you do every day. It makes me feel ashamed, useless, helpless, and just plain horrible. I've worked at the same factory for 4 months and I got transferred out of my position because I kept overheating the product. Every single time a manager would come up to me to complain, all I could think is "how the **** did I let this happen again again? How?!" and then I'd get depressed for several days. My new position isn't as time sensitive so there's more room to double check, but I won't be getting a raise here.

The one day I didn't mess up at work I was microdosing on some acid, but sadly that only worked one day. I kept getting impressed looks from the managers and "very good!" and "good job!" from my immediate supervisor, who is usually a b**ch to me. That day I felt normal and good. I was a different person, a person that did his job in a professional and timely manner. Too bad I can't replicate it.

I've never gotten fired from a job but that's because I'm useful as a mule. I like lifting and carrying stuff, it takes my mind off things. No matter where I work I always end up being the go-to guy when something heavy has to be lifted. The ladies love it. Would be nice to not have that Rs2237717, maybe then I wouldn't come off as unnatural or creepy and could get laid for once. I have a relatively decent looking body despite having 6 different genes pulling me towards obesity. Both of my close friends have tried to get me laid at least once, but now they've given up and whenever I mention it they blame me in an accusatory/angry voice. "Oh you didn't try hard enough, they had free beer until 11 and you didn't get laid, you had your Colombian coke dealer suit and you didn't get laid, there's something wrong with you bro, blah blah blah." It really f***ing sucks, specially because I know they tried their best, even pushing their own limits for me at times.

I wasn't expecting to rant that much, but that's my life. Any tips...? :oops:

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Re: Can anyone help me decipher these genes?

Postby Santosg » Sun Jan 03, 2016 7:07 am

You're reading your genetic test the way people read a horoscope. I'm sure there are elements that might resonate with your experience but there are literally millions of people walking around with the same mutations---and they are all functioning at different levels. Besides, it is pointless. You want help with moving forward in your life. I think that you seem to have fairly good social skills as you are able to maintain male friendships. Y

our biggest issues seem to be moving up in the world professionally and getting a girl. Professionally, find something that you really like doing and enjoy. A subject matter that captures your mind and curiosity. If you're able to do that, your professional development will go well.

In terms of women, it might be useful to actually know your age. Lots of young men are in your position. The biggest suggestion that I can give you--and a its a hard one for a young guy--is to make sure that women are not your goal or objection in life. Men mess up with women because they invest too much in actually having a relationship with them. You are too nice, to accommodating, too needy. Live your life on your terms. Don't try to be that pathetic guy who runs errands for a girl that has no interest in dating him. Never do something like that for a girl unless she's dating you and she does it for you, too. Don't buy girls drinks at bars. Become your own man. Gain self respect and a sense of who you are and what you want in life. After you know that, you'll be able to be picky about the kind of girl you'd even bother taking the time to talk to and get to know. It will chance the dynamic dramatically.

You might not understand or appreciate the above paragraph but if you take the time to apply it to your life it will actually give you enormous power to help transform your life. How much you decide to take it and incorporate it into your life is up to you. Best of luck.

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