Puberty Question - Help

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Puberty Question - Help

Postby rocksolid » Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:41 pm

We have a 12 yr old boy who is Autistic high functioning going through puberty. We had an issue at his school where he wrote something which prompted a conversation which in turn we learned that our son has been looking at nude women on the internet. So we had the " Talk " . We told him he was young to be looking at such graphic pictures, freaking internet. I put blockers on the computer which he figured out and removed. Here is my problem. I am a guy and I know what it is like to be 12 and want to look at pictures. I had to find a playboy in my case. I actually want him to look at pictures ( don't get angry ) because I understand the curiosity. What do I do? He has an ipad and friends with gadgets and if he really wants to see this stuff he will find a way. I just want him to have an outlet where he can go to his room in private and do what ever he has to. Somebody in my office suggested giving him a playboy to have, at least it's not raunchy. It almost sounds like a good idea. Any advice would be great.

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