Shared Parenting Advice - Autistic Son

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Shared Parenting Advice - Autistic Son

Postby idtx2 » Mon Feb 15, 2016 3:55 pm

I have 50/50 shared parenting and a 5th grade autistic son. He is struggling and several years behind in school. The other parent has little or no interest in working with him academically. They are interested in giving him "Down Time" and letting him watch TV. I work with him on my weeks, but he tunes out after about 45-60 minutes so I'm limited in how much work I can do. I feel like I'm trying to roll a boulder up a hill and we make progress on my week, but the boulder rolls back down the hill on the weeks I do not have him. I've offered to work with him at the local library on the weeks I do not have him or provide materials, books, etc to help the other parent but they have no interest and refuse to even discuss it.

Any Advice?


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