New member Mamabear with near 4yo special needs toddler

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New member Mamabear with near 4yo special needs toddler

Postby Mamabear » Fri Feb 19, 2016 1:12 am

Before I share my painful journey, I'd like to ask, is this support group only parents helping each other or are there health practitioners who post here too? My near 4yo toddler son has not been diagnosed yet but my husband and I suspect he is on the spectrum in some way, not sure if it's autism or a neurological problem, he is delayed in communications and has difficulty communicating his needs. We believe very strongly that his delay was caused by exposure to overpowering toxic synthetic fragrance, including commercial detergent. 1 of the issues we're having difficulty with him is potty training and poop smearing. I'm very sensitive and going through a lot of emotional stress and it's taking its toll on me so I need as much kind gentle caring support I can get now. Kindness goes a long way when a distressed Mamabear is in pain.
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Re: New member Mamabear with near 4yo special needs toddler

Postby Winnie » Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:33 pm

Mamabear, welcome to the forum.

This forum is mostly parents, though a practitioner may post here now and then. I never noted any offering free services, however.

It sounds like your son has some significant developmental delays, so it would be a good idea to get help for him, ASAP, regardless of his possible diagnosis or what you believe to be the cause. A naturopath is not the proper person to diagnose autism, or to evaluate a developmental delay of any kind, but there are free evaluation, educational, and therapy services available through your local school district.

You can contact your local school district and refer him for an evaluation. The school district does not make a medical diagnosis of autism, but they are able to make an educational determination under this category and others (including “Developmentally Delayed”) for the purposes of providing services.

Meanwhile, to obtain a medical diagnosis of autism, you will need to locate providers who are specialists in this area. Good places to ask around are the orgs in your state or area – these are also good places to contact parents in your area. Parents who have traveled this road before you are an invaluable source of info, and parents in your state will also be able to share info and experiences regarding your insurance carrier. You may be aware of these, but here are a few links with info and contacts to pursue in your state:

Sometimes the number of learning curves and appointments to make seem overwhelming, but considering his age, it’s really important to take action asap. Good luck to you --
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