Recommendations for video modeling

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Recommendations for video modeling

Postby zoymom » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:55 pm

What are your recommendations for video modeling, especially Kindle Fire apps? I have an almost two year old high functioning ASD son. He loves Signing Time DVDs and likes to repeat the phrases they use. We also have a Kindle Fire that he enjoys using for learning. I looked at the websites for Model Me Training and Watch Me Learn and, while they seem like they might be helpful, they also seem a little dated and not high energy enough to keep his attention (or, frankly, to accurately model how kids his age interact). What are your favs?

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Re: Recommendations for video modeling

Postby Winnie » Thu Mar 17, 2016 3:14 pm

Hi zoymom,

I can't make video modeling app recommendations from experience (when my son was 2 we were using a VCR and big bulky tapes!), but I can pass along a few links just in case you haven't seen these already:

Kindle Fire and Android apps: (Go to her Pinterest link -- perhaps there are some more current suggestions there or some leads/reviews).

Free App Friday: Free and reduced price apps every Friday -- ages and content varies on a particular Friday -- might be useful if you see any that are appropriate for your child's age and needs:

I'm sure that you may have googled "video modeling app autism," but if not, a lot of search results are returned and you might check out some of these for current offerings.

And then there is always youtube -- a lot of uploaded video modeling vids for ideas here.

Since your son is so young, it might be more difficult to find video modeling material of children his age interacting/playing, since children that age are still developmentally in more of a solitary play moving-toward-parallel-play stage. Their interaction might involve a lot of snatching toys from one another following by wailing! :)

We had a series of videotapes that featured children a little older than my son doing mostly activities of daily living (like washing hands, brushing teeth, etc) set to music/jingles -- I think the music/jingle aspect is what drew him in. He loved a tape someone gave his sister about learning how to hip-hop -- again I think the music drew him in because it certainly wasn't his prowess at modeling hip-hop (it was funny though).

If you have access to a tablet or device to record vid segments -- you might think about making some of your own that could be tailored to his interests and relevant to his environment. Children his age love to imitate what they see their parents and sibs doing -- maybe you could record people he knows (including another child or sib) playing (things like bouncing/throwing a ball, feeding/tucking in a teddy bear, stirring with kitchen utensils, hammering on a play workbench, playing a drum, sharing a cookie, etc) and doing things that are within his current interests -- even using his own toys. Or even singing a song (if music is of interest) or other activity with puppets or stuffed animals as would happen in a toddler/preschool "circle time." If he attends a church program, MDO or preschool program of some kind you might ask some parents there if you can record their children playing in the kitchen area, outside, etc.

Good luck with it -- please let us know what you think of any apps you try!
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