2 year old son going through diagnosis process

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2 year old son going through diagnosis process

Postby Momof2under2 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:05 pm

Hello, I am brand new to the autism information world. I am overwhelmed and confused and it seems the more I read the more questions I have. Here's my story, if anyone has any insight, opinions or comments I would really appreciate them.
My son was born in June of 2014. He was born 5 weeks early, but didn't seem to have any delays in growth or development as of 6 months old. There were things I thought odd, but as a new mom I didn't know what to expect. He was a very serious baby. He did seem to come out of his shell a bit around 4 months. At his year birthday he wasn't walking or talking. At his 15 month check up he was walking but not talking. He will now be 2 in June and doesn't say a single word. No mama, dada, cup. Nothing. He's already in early intervention for the speech delay and a few days ago at his 6 month eval myself, his special instructor and his case manager decided to persue asd diagnosis.
This is a lot to take in, I'm not sure how to feel, how to treat him, what the decides mild from severe and I'm losing my mind. Is there a chart of some sort? I know every child is different. He has his in home observation on the 10th and I don't know what to expect, what questions to ask, what kind of questions they are going to ask me.
I also have a new baby girl born November 2015 that was born 2 and half months early and has her own set of special circumstances. I feel as thought I am unraveling and need some information. Please help.

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Re: 2 year old son going through diagnosis process

Postby Winnie » Thu Apr 28, 2016 1:31 am

Hi Momof2under2,

Sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed at the moment -- we probably all had those days especially when wondering about a possible diagnosis. And you must really be feeling stress with a new little one arriving so early!

It might be a good idea to ask for someone who has experience diagnosing very young children with autism to do a full eval.

We really wouldn't be able to tell you what severity a child so young may be experiencing -- the really good news is that he is (potentially) being identified so young. His potential isn't limited by some assignment of severity. And if he does receive a dx of autism, you may be able to secure increased services for him.

As for how to treat him at the moment? Just keep loving him to pieces like you are already. When the emotional dust settles around the upcoming home observation, ask those questions of the people who evaluate and provide services. We can also make some suggestions regarding resources you can access yourself for help -- let us know how the visit goes.

All the best to you and your little ones :)
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Re: 2 year old son going through diagnosis process

Postby Sammickk » Wed May 11, 2016 9:17 am

I went through about exactly what you are going through, I am about 6-8 months ahead of you. I am a father of a 2yr 8 month old. my son seems to be close to the same as yours, my son does not have any sensory issues, a little stimming and although was saying many words, lost all of them when he went into regression around 18 to 19 months old.

If you get a diagnoses of autism here is what I wish I would have done right away (note I have formulated my opinion after MANY MANY hours of reading labs, listening to others with kids on the spectrum, watching autism conference videos online)

1) Find a pediatrician with an open mind to things other than drugs drugs drugs (my pediatrician did NOTHING to help) reach out to others with autistic children in your community
2) Get him on the GFCFSF diet, eating Organics as much as possible, few unnatural sugars as possible HEAL THE GUT!! (if it turns up that he has the gut problems as MANY do, You have to get this on track to take full advantage of any supplements!) (things like enzymes, Probiotics, Atifungals can help with healing Gut)
3) Look into what medical aid you can get for him if you don't have insurance for him.
4) Get some labwork tests done and check vitamin levels (I would watch B12, B6, and D3), Metal levels, Yeast (candida) test (you need to know whats low and whats going on inside the body in order to correct it and get his methylation cycle going.)
5) Get him in ABA Therapy if available, my area does not offer this.
6) And as others have Said, LOVE HIM and be Patient with him! Praise him for doing things, Engage him allot!! Let him be around other kids his age if possible! Repeat Repeat repeat! Use simplified sentences, hold things close to your eyes when showing him things, Use Hand over hand when teaching him to do things.

I know this is allot to take in all at once but educate yourself and do the best you can!

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