My 3 year old boy on the spectrum is still not talking.

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My 3 year old boy on the spectrum is still not talking.

Postby caro3lyn » Tue May 10, 2016 1:51 am

thanks for taking the time to read this. I am just looking for some help. My beautiful three year old was diagnosed as being on the spectrum 13 months ago. We started ABA therapy pretty soon after. Everything is coming along well except he doesn't speak. He can get his point across, and can make sounds, but he has few words. By few I mean "mama", "up", and "ow". My ABA team is doing their best in trying to get him to speak but nothing is working. Pex cards are hard to use because our 16 month old (non ASD) likes to throw them around. I have heard about ipad programs that exist but know so little about them. I am looking for encouragement, hearing from family members of other similar children, and any ideas on how I can get Nate speaking.


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Re: My 3 year old boy on the spectrum is still not talking.

Postby Winnie » Thu May 12, 2016 12:17 am

What strategies are you currently using to increase his verbalizations?

What are his imitative skills like currently -- is he able to imitate a word or approximation?
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Re: My 3 year old boy on the spectrum is still not talking.

Postby annamariedickson » Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:07 pm

Hi. My son was diagnosed at 2. He had speech at 1 but over time he lost it all. I never participated in any therapy, instead I invested my time with at home solutions. My son is now four and he is able to respond to questions verbally and he engage individuals with one or two-word phrase. I am wokring with him now to development his conversational language, but it is day and night from where he was when he was diagnosed. I have nothing against professional help, I just feel like I know my child advice study your not invent the wheel use the current things that he obsessed wiht. I was told to limit my sons screen time...if I had followed that professional advice he would not be entering a regular classroom in august. I used hi s obsession with screen time to flood his mind with the things he needs to know. I used his obsession with cars to teach him how to count.

I know that every child is the same...but don't give up. At 3 my son had no words...absolutely none! I have twin boys and they are words. I think ASD kids take a little time, so continue to do the therapy and try to incrporate some of the techniques at home. Shower him with love...treat him as though he can talk...and get connected with other parents who can help you
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Re: My 3 year old boy on the spectrum is still not talking.

Postby Sammickk » Tue Jul 26, 2016 5:41 pm

Anna, your son sounds exactly as mine did, had words/skills but lost them in the same window, known as a type of regressive Autism. Did you ever explore (AMD) Autism second to Mitochondrial Disease? There is a great research paper done on this by Johns Hopkins and Kennedy Krieger Institute. If so what did you try for this if anything supplement wise?

Carolyn, would you describe your son as having classical autism or was it regressive as well? If classical I would Read this blog Try NAC (pharmanac is you don't mind to order) and brocoli sprout powder seem to be the ones to bring more speech. You could also try COD liver oil as well.

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Re: My 3 year old boy on the spectrum is still not talking.

Postby cuteelf » Wed Jul 27, 2016 8:09 pm

Don't worry... easier said then done, but if he's saying at least a few words 3-4 it's good. He's not completely nonverbal. He sounds a lot like my son at that age. My best suggestions are talk to him, a lot, even if he doesn't always respond. Use pictures for example you could have two or three different pictures of his favorite types of food and ask him to pic one, when he does say the word out loud for example if he picks cookies you would say: " Oh you want cookies? Yes? Then you could ask him what type of cookies and see if he points them out then say something like" Chocolate chip cookies?". Pointing and gestures are pre-verbal skills. children's books are great resources for this.

In the case of my son his speech developed late, he's six now and can say simple sentences but still goes to speech therapy. Even now when he talks he often chooses his words carefully, not entirely a bad thing I guess. My son spends half the time in a cluster class and the other half in a regular class. He also participates in karate and swimming. The activities have worked wonders for him, not only does it give him exercise but he interacts with other kids who aren't on the spectrum.

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