In WV need help/advice on doctors

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In WV need help/advice on doctors

Postby Sammickk » Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:07 am

I live in the southern part of West Virginia and I am the father of a 2yr 9mo old boy diagnosed with ASD shortly after his 2nd birthday. From months of readying everything I could find about ASD, treatment, and Docs I believe my son has Regressive Autism. Meaning he had skills and words that just went away starting around 15 months. I have had a TERRIBLE time with doctors in my area! Right now my son has medicaid but will loose it when he turns 3. Just yesterday we went to see a Biomedical MD Doctor in North Carolina. She wants to get a great deal of tests done, but wants us to find a doctor in our state that will order the tests so his insurance will possibly pay for it. There is my problem, 2 docs I have tried poo-poo on biomedical treatment, stating its a waste of money and time.

Does anyone know of a Good doctor in WV, that would agree to ordering these tests? ANY advice/tips, etc is welcome at this point. I feel like there is possible help for my son out there but we are caged and cannot reach it.

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