Possible Behavioral Issue solutions?

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Possible Behavioral Issue solutions?

Postby Egomes2107 » Wed Aug 31, 2016 10:44 am

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post on this great site so sorry if its long. I have been a lurker for a while and always got some good tid bits on information on here. Now I am here seeking some information and advice on how to go about dealing with our current problems.

My son is 6 years old and was diagnosed on the spectrum at a young age. He initially had verbal and non eye contact issues which we were able to overcome with therapy and tightening up his diet. He is intellectually advanced for his age and has tested 2 grade levels above his own. From a maturity stand point he is probably a grade below.

His issues are 100% behavioral with tantrums and hitting walls, throwing things that happens at home and in school. Over the course of the last few months during summer vacation it got worse and he started acting really defiant. Saying things like "You are not the boss of me" or "I'm not going to listen to you". We took away his gaming once a trend started happening that his behavior got worse from the point we took them away to the end of the day. Disciplining him can be difficult as well by taking things away or not allowing him to do something triggers this behavior. Not winning or not being able to be first in line are other actions that also trigger his behavior. Transitioning from a preferred activity to a non preferred activity is difficult.

Now at home we have done a pretty good job at being able to catch him in these moods early and be able to divert him into a more happy place. Currently at home the hardest part (besides taking away gaming) of the day is bed time where he becomes defiant to wanting to stay out or sleep in his room or taking his supplements.

The Major problem here is at school where it feels like almost everyday he is having a major blowup. Because of the progress he made last year, this year we felt putting him in a regular classroom with some help would be the best way to go about it and so did his teacher last year. So that's what we did and this year has been hell so far. Something that we have seen is that the teachers come at him from a authoritarian angle which he does not respond well to. So we believe that is part of the problem, but also believe that him not responding well to it is also part of the problem.

This is difficult for us because 80% of the day he is one of the sweetest most intelligent kids you would ever meet, always playful, loving and loves to hug. Then in an instant a completely different person shows up and its hell for however long it takes to get him out of it.

So here we are, looking for possible solutions. This is what is on our checklist of things to try.

We loosened up a bit on his diet but decided to tighten back up on it.
Contacted a local big Autism foundation in Atlanta. (they haven't responded yet)
Got an appointment with a psychologist for a reevaluation.
A friend recommended us trying CBD Oil from the Hemp plant (which has helped a lot at home but not really at school)
Give him a few detox baths with bentonite clay

I've read about VitB6 with Magnesium is effective for helping with behavioral issues, Does anyone have experience with that?

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Possible Behavioral Issue solutions?

Postby aveerj » Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:04 pm


I happen to land on your post, while researching for Clay Baths, so let me know if you got any experience with it by now.

And I see you have question regarding Magnesium, we are giving it to my daughter (7yrs now) from last 3 months and i see very good results in her sleep , and her bowl movement, she was always constipated and had fear to pass stool, it is changing slowly now. Also she is less less anxious than earlier, at-least that's what we are observing. Though there is no difference in her hyper-activity, and irritability, she still throws a lot of behavior both at school and at home.
So sleep and bowl movement are one of your concerns then pls use magnesium with-out hesitation, though you want to research which form you would like to use like mag-chloride, chelate, citrate, and don't waste time on mg-oxide. Also while giving magnesium you want to take care of calcium because it might cause calcium deficiency in long run. There is ton of info about mag on ancient-mineral web site, as well as there are couple of good books on it (i like the magnesium factor, even though it is old).


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