NJ Autism Support - best district to move

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NJ Autism Support - best district to move

Postby kksunil » Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:27 am

I am new to this forum. I'm getting transferred from Malaysia to New Jersey. My office is in East Hanover, NJ in Morris County.

I am looking for a kids friendly place to stay which has good public school district support for autism & special education.

I have 2 kids, elder one, a boy aged 10 years, autistic and limited verbal (one word only) looking for an admission to a special education program preferably ABA & Speech Therapy.

I am fine commuting up to 1 hour but don't want to compromise on kids education.

Looking forward to forum members guidance, information & experiences on Special education, best school districts, Insurance support, district support etc in New Jersey.

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Re: NJ Autism Support - best district to move

Postby believe » Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:22 am

Hi kksunil,

I am new to the forum and was just browsing and saw that no one responded to your post. Have you settled on a district yet?

My son is 12 now and we've been living in Montclair, NJ and the school district is pretty good. You'll find that with almost any school you have to stay on top of them because they seem to agree to everything and say they understand but let things fall to through the cracks. Being knowledgeable about your sons needs, having evaluations with recommendations for his/her IEP--and then enforcing what's in the IEP--will go a long way. We learned this the hard way. Montclair is a great school district, but with so many kids we had to be our son's advocate.

He's now in his first year at middle school (6th grade) and we have an appointment with a special education advocate who works with families of autism who will review the IEP and improve upon it and help us to enforce it. So my best advice is to get your ducks in a row and know what to ask for, your rights. An informed parent is the best advocate. Good luck.

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