Interview Assignment

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Interview Assignment

Postby ttshoda » Thu Nov 03, 2016 9:36 pm

Hi everyone,

I am a little hesitant on doing this but I am doing a paper for my master's degree on autism and how individuals with autism or parents/caregivers of individuals with autism experience autism in their daily lives. I am a special education teacher in Washington State. I never would have thought I would be working with kids with disabilities, but I enjoy every minute of it. My passion for teaching has led me to want to become an expert in the field so I am pursuing my masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis in hopes to become a board certified behavior analyst.

I work with students who have autism in an elementary school setting. However, I would like to interview someone that I don't know, and someone who has a child in middle school or high school. I would not release any names. Some of the question topics include: living situation, language and communication skills, social skills, strengths and weaknesses, successes and challenges, and support systems in place.

Please send a private message or email me at if you are willing to participate in an interview.

Thank you,

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