Can't Get My Son Tested for Autism! HELP!!!

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Can't Get My Son Tested for Autism! HELP!!!

Postby Lissa » Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:14 pm

My son just turned 7 and last year he was evaluated for an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) for his ADHD and we were told he doesn't qualify because he is "too smart." The school psychologist suggested we have him tested for High Functioning Autism. The problem is that he had testing in February of this year for Sensory Processing Disorder (he has quite a few sensory issues) and we found out that he does not have that and the insurance company told us that he is only allowed one psychological evaluation a year and that he had used that up with this test. He cannot dress himself, pour himself a glass of milk or bowl of cereal, he had speech delays as a toddler, he has special issues, does not understand social cues, and cannot connect cause and effect. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 3 and also has juvenile epilepsy. He has shown very aggressive behavior as well with an episode happening tonight. He has a younger brother and I worry for the safety of both of them.

Can someone please point me in a direction for testing? His school will do a psychological evaluation but there is no diagnosis. I am so frustrated. I am losing sleep worrying about him and whether or not he is going to have an outburst.

Thanks in advance for your help

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Re: Can't Get My Son Tested for Autism! HELP!!!

Postby Winnie » Sat Nov 05, 2016 3:00 pm

I'm not sure why, considering the significant symptoms and delays you mentioned ongoing at age 7, he was referred for an SPD eval, unless a diagnosis of autism was being purposely avoided.

Nonetheless, while the district cannot render a medical diagnosis of autism, they can find him eligible under the category of autism for the purposes of providing services and an IEP. This is the difference between a medical diagnosis and an educational determination -- he doesn't have to have a medical diagnosis to be eligible for an IEP.

And how "smart" he is doesn't prevent eligibility for an IEP.

Also, if you disagree with the district's testing results, you can request an independent eval at the district's expense.

It would still be a good idea to pursue an eval on your own -- if you don't do it before February and pay for it privately, you could schedule it now for the time when your insurance company will cover. Often there is a long wait for an appointment time anyway.
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