[Newbie] What to expect?

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[Newbie] What to expect?

Postby newbie » Mon Nov 07, 2016 7:49 am


I am new to this group. I would like to introduce myself and my DD who got diagnosed with ASD about 1.5 years go (she is turning 3 now). We've been giving her ABA therapy (15 hrs/week) and attending PCDBT (parent-child developmental behavioral training) since she got diagnosed. So far, I am noticing that:
  • She seems OK from a cognitive development standpoint - sans language development in which she is behind quite a bit. She doesn't seem to pick up language on her own by observation, but only through structured training. The fact that our first language isn't english complicates things even further (we are trying to limit all our communications to English for now).
  • She is verbal(ish) - she can sing songs, ask for simple things provided that we train her appropriately ("I want water", "carry, please", "open, please" etc.,). Almost all communication is limited to one or two-word phrases. She does understand simple one or two-step commands.
  • So far, I haven't observed any sensitivity or obsessive behaviours (not sure if it is too early for that) - in fact, she is quite calm pretty much all of the time (most people observing her comment that she is one of the nicest toddlers they've ever met).
  • She seems to like the company of other kids (more the better) - she always tries to copy their actions, but doesn't have any two-way interactions with them.
  • She maintains eye contact only if the other person is doing something that she is interested in (like singing her favorite song or making funny noises).
  • She has an adorable smile :D

There are a couple of reasons for my post:
  • I wanted to know what to expect over the next few years. I don't get straight answers from her therapist or pediatrician (usually get some answer like - "every kid grows differently. Its hard to tell.").
  • Are there any good book or resource recommendations to help speed up her language development? Most books on Autism seem to target kids that have already developed some language skills but have some obsessive behaviours or sensitivity - she doesn't seem to fall in that category. One book that I did find appropriate for her was "Teaching Social Communication to Children with Autism - A Manual for Parents" - Brooke Ingersoll.

I appreciate any other help or guidance you can provide. Thank You !

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Re: [Newbie] What to expect?

Postby AutismStinks » Sun Nov 27, 2016 3:02 pm

Well that is the problem nobody knows what to expect specifically over the years for your child. They can tell you general things like you will get to know IEP. They change like other kids all through development. Wait till you get to the teenage years.
What to do now?
Work on speech and language. There is a big difference between childern/adults with autism that can communicate and those that are non verbal.
Take advantage of your school district pre kindergarden programs for special need kids. They are required to provide under the IDEA.

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