Best area of the country to raise child on spectrum

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Best area of the country to raise child on spectrum

Postby Rurallife » Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:43 pm

Hi everyone, new here. Our toddler has been diagnosed with ASD. We aren't happy with the extremely limited resources our area has to offer. My husband works as a Physical Therapist Assistant, which is in high demand in many areas. We would be willing to move to find the best resources possible. We hope for public schools that follow the inclusion model, parent support groups, various therapy options, adaptive therapeutic opportunities and good doctors. Our son also was born with HIE, resulting from oxygen deprivation and may end up diagnosed with mild CP. Thanks for any area recommendations!

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Re: Best area of the country to raise child on spectrum

Postby Santosg » Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:08 pm

My knowledge of this is not detailed, but I have often heard that New Jersey has the best autism resources in the country. Virginia is also highly regarded. Even so, it is not as if services are uniform across the state. Some counties are better than others, etc.

I am also in an area with poor services. My opinion on this matter would be a bit more concrete if I knew your son and how well he was doing developmentally. If your son is on the mild end of the spectrum, often therapy acts as the key. But, for all the wonders of 'therapy,' it has enormous limits.

My son would be classified on the more severe end of the spectrum. I spent the first year of his life focused on therapy, both in terms of getting services and also reinforcing these therapies at home. There was progress, but not the kind of progress that would alter his path out of autism.

If a child has a genetic disorder that has made them autistic, often there are interventions that can help them function with autism, but their autism is fixed on the basis of their basic makeup.

If a child is autistic as a result of environmental exposures and/or injuries to the brain, there are ways to help them recover from autism. Conventional therapies like ABA, Speech, OT, all have their place but they almost never give you a fundamental solution.

The central nervous system, if injured, basically is not capable at regenerating itself. Injury to the central nervous system is permeant, though functional and compensatory adaptations can take place within the brain. However, brain plasticity is exaggerated in many cases, just as it was actively denied before.

Against conventional wisdom, injuries to the central nervous system of a baby in utero or at the time of birth are very devastating. Far more devastating than say, a stroke. You can see people recover from a stroke in ways that you hardly ever see from people significantly effected by CP. One would think that the child would have the better outcome, but its the opposite. There are a lot of complex reasons for this, but I state it to make a point.

At this point, your FIRST PRIORITY should be getting your son HBOT. Do it, and do it as fast as you can. It will do far more for his brain than therapy, because it helps injured parts of his brain repair themselves. Therapies can't alter damaged parts of the brain, simply stimulate uninjured parts of the brain to take over the 'load.' Doing HBOT in conjunction with therapy will help his progress 5 times more faster than anything else, even a doubling or tripling of therapy hours. I'd recommend investing in a home mHBOT chamber that you can do regularly.

Get a DAN, a good one, and start implementing biomedical interventions in conjunction with therapy. One of the larger problems is going to be financing. One of you should be focused on making money and the other in overseeing intensive interventions with your child, to the degree possible.

Your son's hypoxia damage can't be addressed effectively by conventional medical approaches. HBOT is basically one of the only ways to do that. ... 11207?np=y

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Re: Best area of the country to raise child on spectrum

Postby luvpiggy » Tue Dec 20, 2016 5:04 pm


I sent you a pm about out experience moving across the country for autism services. :)

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Re: Best area of the country to raise child on spectrum

Postby Rurallife » Tue Dec 20, 2016 5:17 pm

Luvpiggy, thank you for your PM! I can't reply to it for some reason from my phone. I'll try again later.

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Re: Best area of the country to raise child on spectrum

Postby Ari » Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:30 am

Hi Dears,

We are soon moving to New Jersey and I have a 5 year old daughter with Autism.
I wanted to consult you about the best public school that exist in New Jersey, so that we can decide about the location of our home.
Many Thanks in advance for your help
Kind Regards,

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