Pre Schooling for child with SPD

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Pre Schooling for child with SPD

Postby Winter » Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:34 am

Hi All,

My son (almost 3) has been diagnosed with SPD, we are parents without support as family does not live close by.

I was wondering what experiences parents who sent their kids with Autism/SPD to pre school have been? There seems to be 2 train of thoughts...

1. Sending your kid to a mainstream environment so he/she can try learn from other "normal" kids.
2. Sending your kid to a special needs school where they will give him the attention and the right stimulation he needs to cope with daily life.

I know the above is short and sweet but it's definitely one of the most confusing periods in our lives and any experiences parents have had or found where their child progressed or regressed in a certain environment would be good to hear.


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