Autism or not autism?

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Autism or not autism?

Postby Gabe » Tue Jan 17, 2017 1:22 pm

Hello to all, I am submitting for assistance to all members of the Forum the following information:
The 6 years old daughter of a friend of mine does not speak since birth. Her parents have had her visited by any kind of specialist with no
success. She does not show the typical behaviour of autistic child. She has been ok in a certain sense till recently, but now her behaviour has
changed. She is very nervous and reacts at times with violence againt some relatives and surprisingly her mother as well. She is having difficulty to
deal with the support/resource teacher who are being changed frequently. Parents do not know what to do any more.
1. Is it autism according to your experience or not?
2. Is there anyone who has had a similar experience and can offer his/her excperience and suggestions?
3.Is there any autism expert who can assist?
4. What would do anyone of you as parents in this case?
1000 thanks to all.
Rome, Italy.

Dr. Krakouer
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Re: Autism or not autism?

Postby Dr. Krakouer » Sun May 14, 2017 4:46 am

Greetings Gabe,
It is most unfortunate that your post has just come to my attention and I certainly do hope that you have managed to ride through the storm clouds. You appear to be describing a condition called Selective Mutism and it is important that you develop an understanding as to why individuals choose to go down this pathway. In my experience, individuals choose not to use verbal communication for the following reasons:
1. They do not have the natural ability to form sounds in order to construct speech. (Perhaps a physical disability).
2. They have been traumatized by such a profound situation where they no longer have the confidence to speak.
3. They do not utilize speech in order to control and manage the world/situation/people in which they live.

Frequently, Gabe the children in category 3 are individuals that are often highly intelligent. They have realized that by not using speech they can manipulate and control people/situations they do not like and to get other folk around them to comply with wants and needs. In response to your questions:
1. No this not Autism.
2. To determine the facts regarding this child, an informed diagnosis and evaluation needs to be conducted. it will enable you to move forward and address the issues you have cited.
3. Yes, there are many but do you know if this is Autism?

Let me know if these suggestions help.
Kindly, Dr. Krakouer

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