Quiet room

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Quiet room

Postby Noahmason » Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:11 am

Last week my 8 yr old son was put in the quiet room cause he got upset. He didn't want to go out for recess and when he was made to he started hitting, kicking and biting. He is high functioning and we very rarely see this behavior at home. When he was in the quiet room he took off all his clothes, he has never done this before. Come to find out they put him in there alone and shut door. Not sure if they lock it, but they watch him on video. Come to find out today another parent tells me there is not heat in the room. Uugghhh so upset, want him moved. But the school tells me that the other schools would focus on his behavior and noy academics as much. He is at or above average in academics. So we don't want him to lose that. The other school won't let us come talk to them and see the school unless we go through his school. They of coarse don't want to lose him. Need advice please.


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