How can help my brother with his language delay?

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How can help my brother with his language delay?

Postby Phoenix00744 » Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:59 pm

My brother is currently in the 9th grade in the US and he has a serious delay in his language abilities. Despite being slightly autistic, he seems normal in every other respect (he reads people’s emotions normally, etc.) but his English comprehension is at a very basic level and this makes the education system horribly inefficient for him because they teach under the assumption that he understands English well enough even though he is in a special education program. I have tried teaching him some language skills myself but as a college student I have little time to spare.

To me, the priority is to improve my brother's language abilities because once he learns to communicate, then I can teach him everything else (and so can anyone else). But I'm not sure how to go about this. What can I do?

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Re: How can help my brother with his language delay?

Postby girlsmom » Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:37 am

Hi Phoenix007...

First of all let me say I'm very impressed you're a sibling not a parent wanting to help your brother. I'm a mom of High functioning Autistic girl with normal intelligence who is very bright and loving. My daughter struggles as well with reading comprehension. She is currently in 7th grade and her comprehension is on 5th grade level. And that's after a years of working with her at home. I'm not an expert by any means just a mom trying to help her child but let me share what works for us. I keep asking my daughters special education language arts teacher to send home reading comprehension materials(short to moderately longer stories with comprehension questions). You can also find those on the web for free.
I'm also using a book Autism and Reading Comprehension: Ready to use lessons for a teachers by Porter Joseph( you can find it on Amazon for $20). Don't be afraid it's very easy to use and it will help your brother with organizing of the words into sentences.Another step should be to find a tutor(approach Language Arts special education teacher) to work on this with your brother if possible. Somebody who is familiar with different reading programs such as Wilson Reading Program, Orton Gillingham Reading program or Lindamoodbell Program(which is the best but sadly very, very expensive program based on visualization).
Most of all just have a patience with you brother. Even one story a day with reading comprehension questions would help. Also you can watch a movies with a simple plot and keep pausing and asking your brother questions: "Who is a main character?, Is he good or bad? Why? What was the reason for this character to react like this? Was there only one reason or more?" We always ask our daughter what she thinks about the stories on the news and we ask her about everything politics, crime, whatever there is. Don't be discouraged if your brother doesn't know the answer(s) just patiently explain it to him and let him repeat it even i f he'll have a different opinion. It's slow process but if you won't give up your brother will get there.
By the way what is your brother's school doing about this? It's their responsibility to classify him and provide the help for him!!! I hope these tips will help you. Best of luck to you both! :D

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