Autism and hyperlexia

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Autism and hyperlexia

Postby yaphster » Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:05 pm


I am new to this board. My son was diagnosed when he was 22 months old. He is now 10.

I was racing against time, started with diet after his diagnose and we had significant improvement within 24 hour of doing a cold turkey switching off casein and gluten. Hence, there wasn't any need to convince us about implementing biomed. We did biomed for many years.

Also started ABA almost straight away. moved on to RDI after 4 years of ABA and then SonRise. Whatever therapies out there, if it is within reach, I would have done it.

Today, feeling a bit defeated.

His two major lingering issues:
1) Hyperlexia (many kids grew out of but not mine).
His language has not grown more than 5-6 words sentence. He reads very well and has huge vocab but comprehension in what he reads is still non existence.
2) Hearing sensitivity - quite debilitating and impacting quality of life and his functioning.....We went through second round of AIT (Berard IT) and saw no improvement.

I guess hearing sensitivity can still be dealt with with a pair of good ear muffs...but hyperlexia! What else can I do to help him on comprehension? Read all the materials out there on teaching hyperlexic children language comprehension and have implemented the strategies...except Lindamood-bell which with beyond reach for us..

Wondering if anyone here still see breakthrough in comprehension and language after age of 10?


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