Sudden changes in behavior

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Sudden changes in behavior

Postby starlinka » Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:57 am

My son was diagnosed at 2 y.o., he is 9 now, most time we didnt have big behavior problems - he was pretty much responsible, not prone to tantrums, etc. He likes hugs and personal contact with people he knows. He is not verbal, but have way to let people know what he wants. He went to school every days without problems during this school year. He goes to special class for kids with autism and similar problems. We dont live with his father, but his house is near by and our son spends equal time with me and with father. His father used to live with his daughter who helped a lot when our son was there. But last year she had baby and moved out about month ago. I dont know if there is connection, but about the same time when she moved our son started acting strange. He demands going out for ride all time, but doesn't look like he really knows where he wants to go. He stopped sleeping in house of his father and now demands to sleep only in my house. Sometimes he gets upset or crying without reason.
And starting this Monday, he refuses to get up to go to school.He might lay in bed and play, but I cant get him to get up and get dressed in morning. If I try to force or insist, he gets upset and cries. By time I can get him out, its to late to go to school. I cant really let him miss school for so long but not sure what to do.
We live in small town and very little medical help is available for autistic kids. We plan to take him to regular psychologist, but I have doubts he can help a lot.
I really hope he can go back to being normal himself. No diet changes as I know, his father says he didnt changed anything too. Only change I know of is that his sister moved out.
Did anybody have the same experience or can suggest solution?

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