15 month old going through assessment

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15 month old going through assessment

Postby CoopsMom » Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:59 am

Hi all. First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my post and questions. I appreciate any and all input.

My son is 15 months old, and has been displaying some quirky behaviors. Some of these include:
*Eye contact only when he initiates, and only a glance. Will avoid eye contact if not initiated
*Does not respond to his name or any attempt to get his attention
*No verbal or non verbal communication ie he has never babbled, pointed, waved, etc
*Hand flapping when excited
*Repetitive behavior in the form of "brushing" objects with his fingers
*Delays across the board, except he is walking now
*Prefers to play alone
*No purposeful play, every toy is either carried around, brushed with his hand, or put in his mouth

Based on these behaviors, his ped sent us to have him evaluated for autism. It's been in my gut for several months that something just isn't right, so I was not overly surprised by this (though it did not make it any easier to hear out loud), however I was very surprised that he would be evaluated at such a young age (again he's 15 months old).

At what age were your children evaluated? Have you heard of a child being diagnosed so young? After two days of testing, I got a sense that the report will state that he is too young to definitively diagnose. I may be crazy or jumping to conclusions, but I do believe he is at least mildly autistic. Any thoughts? Could these all just be things he will outgrow, so to speak?

This is so heavy on my heart, and I honestly pray that if he is in fact autistic, the doctors just rip off the bandaid and dx him now instead of doing this all again when he's a little older. I want to get him the early inebriated he needs.

Thank you all again.

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