Need help, not sure if my child is autistic.

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Need help, not sure if my child is autistic.

Postby JLNC14 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:04 pm

I have a three year old, who just turned three. I can't figure out if he has Autism because he kinda does and doesn't have symptoms. For instance he will line up cars but not in any order and will smash them and walk away. He can pretend play, but prefers not too with most new people and will shy away from all peers and not engage in play with them. He will find some cars or trucks and play alone and ignore his peers however, if I or his mother start to play with his peers, he will kinda join in. He doesn't look at things he is not happy with. If his mother leaves the house he will lose it, however I can give him a little comfort and distract him with some toys like lego's and build a garage with him to park his cars and then when she gets home is is happy and will ignore her when she enters the house and wont look at her. Although he talks about her and looks to see if she is home yet frequently while she is gone. He doesn't mind small changes in his routine and goes to sleep with ease, he has never had a problem at bed time and will stay in bed and go to sleep. A few times if his routine got a little messed up he may wake and be upset and want his mother ( ever since we had our second child 5 months ago) and was not as happy with me and wanted to go sleep in our bed but eventually he went to bed and even though he was awake and went back to sleep and always has since he was little.

He started to smell his hands after I was away for a few weeks and he was all over the map and upset about me not being home and kept asking about me or would repeat where I was.

He does not always respond to his name and seems to ignore it unless I raise my voice because he is doing something he shouldn't then he seems to hear it just fine. He makes eye contact with me and will discuss things going on on TV or in a book. he is VERY good with Numbers, shapes, and the alphabet and loves songs mixed with actions like wheels on the bus etc but not all the time and sometimes he can just shut down and play with cars and trucks and have no interest with anything else but that is usually when there is a large crowd of kids he tend to be visually unhappy and shuts down and doesn't want to do anything with his peers.

He likes to Repeat things back to my wife and I, although he seems to know what to say and will eventually say what we want him to say depending on how badly he wants something. He has always got a kick out of knowing what you want him to do and would tease us and others by slowly pretending to do it and would find it to be the funniest thing in the world.

He is VERY picky about food and so stubborn he will just go without or help himself to the fridge and eat all the yogurt while my wife breast feeds and cant stop him. He acts out and does not like his little brother and will be extra needy when he is around.

He is not potty trained. Not because he cant do it. He was dead set on pooping in the potty and has such a focused look on his face and once he did it he loved all the praise he got but he refuses to do it now and I have wondered if it has something to do with his little brother. The three day diaper free thing didnt work he would hold it till night time and let it all go except for a few times he couldn’t hold his pee any longer.

He used to be obsessed with fans, and anything that spins including clocks and watches. That subsided some as he got older but he loved to point them out if he saw one at a store or anywhere for that matter. He was so obsessed that he would run up to his grandparents when they arrived and only care to see their watch or look at grampy's truck.

He has always loved books and used to run to his books when I got home so I could read them over and over again when he was 1 and 2. We didn't really let him watch TV and just play music all day which he loved and still does. He will even attempt to sing to the songs.

He will pretend feed a stuff animal of the house cat but he can also repeat a 20 minute long part of a movie while coming up with creative ways to recreate the different objects from the movie using different toys. of course the movie is about cars or trucks or heavy equipment. He is very gifted with puzzles as am I. I have ADHD and score genus 99.99 out of a 100 in puzzles and mazes, scored above normal in everything except writing which I got a 16 out of 100, and 50 is normal. However, with medication and a lot of practice I can do alright I just tend to ignore proper grammar and need spell check. So I dont know if he just got my gift for puzzles or if it has something to do with all the puzzle toys I got for him growing Up that I praticed with him on. He never had a problem with me playing with him yet I dont think he gave me much eye contact which I know can be a symptom. However if something happens that he is unsure about he always looks to his mother and I to figure out how he should feel and sometimes, rarely, but a few times he didnt care if we where okay with something he wouldnt like it. If a toy does something unexpected it can scare him and he wont want it around however. if we leave it out most the time it becomes a toy he plays with especially if he watches another peer play with it a bit. He use to push me or his mother towards the toy and step back really quick and want us to play with it first.

Never has a tantrum, or uncontrollable, and when he is upset about something like Having to go in his stroller he will repeat back our words in an angry tone but he has always been able to control his emotions until the baby came and he wants him mother none stop and he also knows the his little brother sleeps in bed with mommy because he is 100% breast fed. She breast fed both, the one in question was breast fed for 18 months started to like food a 6 months and we tried some stuff at 4 months but he was opposed strongly.

He does act like his mother. She used to line he cars up around the house, didn't want any food touching on the plate and needed to have it seperated however he doesnt seem to care so much about that. She would also not like new people or peers and would not even look in the direction of family friends when she was around his age. So some of the things with lining up cars seems like something she alway did. However he is also distructive and like to smash them after and find something else to do.

In small groups at a place for small kids, sorta like a daycare but for only 3 hours at a time. he would play with other peers but would have to be coerced to do it and would come up with things on his own as well.

So I see symptoms like the hand smelling and grimacing and not really liking peers and would rather play on his own, echoing a lot more then I think he should and sucks with pronouns yet not always because he uses them correctly at times as well. he uses scripted lines a great deal and I have heard him playing alone and I could not make out all the words but he he has pretend play by himself but I wonder if he is just resitting or reacting something he saw on TV which he did the other night with very good recall. He also Knows who got him what toy and shocked me a few times by picking up a toy he got with he just turned two and said who gave it to him and where he got it, which was almost a year ago. So I started asking him and he seems to know who got him what and would turn and ignore me if he didn’t know. He seems to know who gave him 50+ % of his toys. remote control cars or cars the move on their own will sometimes grab his interest or seem to freak him out and he wont like them. But he can warm up to them given enough time.

He listens very well since I have been back after being gone for two weeks but when I was gone and for a week after I returned he was a little devil and though it was funny to do things that was upseting. I will add he doesn't seem to care about my of his mothers emotions. He says he loves us if prompted but he seems to lack understanding of others emotions although he really gets when My tone is deep or when he looks to us when he is unsure of something he seems to pick up on how we feel.

It is also hard to get him to visual show how much he likes something. He will usually just seem happy but doesn't get that excited about things even when you know he wants to keep doing them like going on rides at the fair which he can recall all the rides and was laughing when on them. He has really good memory, it almost seems too good, mixed with some deficits with communication that he can do,... if he wants, at least that is what it seems like because if he wants something enough he will do what we ask or he will just repeat back what we say and think it is funny. He just doesn't seem to like to have to ask for certain things vs just handing up his cup and going to get the milk. or helping himself and getting milk everywhere, which is what he prefers doing however if he cant do something perfect he doesn't like doing it but if left alone he will pratice in private and then do it around us when he is rather good at it.

This is some of the stuff that baffles me. All the test we take give him a low probability of Autism and a couple speech therapist said he had it but once he warmed up to them he starts acting like himself around them and they say its night and day.

One women he knew and started to like started to write reports on how he was doing imaginative play and she got him playing games with other kids she would just have to take him away from cars and trucks which wasn't too hard to do with just reminding him a few times to put them away. while the New one who was also working with him would write how he didn't look her in the eye, would not stop playing with cars or trucks and would line them up and when I would show up he would back away from her and not look at her yet once she was gone he would slowly cheer up and be himself again. Once he got to know her she was shocked how he was like a different kid and would play with her toys she brought and pretend play with her. He loves playdoe and tend to make a mess with it and ask for it a lot. don't know if that could be related and I am stumped and would like some impute because his evaluation is being done by a private doctor and it is a long way out. We could have it done but a state run agency, tomorrow, but I feel that their motivations can sometimes be in the wrong place since they get more state aid the more children they have diagnosed. Not to say that would happen however I had some past issues with my school wanting me coded, which did nothing, and blackballed any attemps at private schooling by painting an awful picture when they would contact the public school to ask about me.

Any advice or opinions would be GREATlY appreciated. Last test I took had vague questions that he does do some of the things but under a certain context that is not included and he has a 20% chance of having autism.

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Re: Need help, not sure if my child is autistic.

Postby White swan » Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:05 am

Hello, I think it's a little weird for the action of your baby. I remembered the autism should do a test about the protein, but I forgot which protein should be examined.

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Re: Need help, not sure if my child is autistic.

Postby EmilyV » Sat Feb 25, 2017 1:47 pm

Our son had some similar simptoms, we also took online test that said chance is less than 20%. We got evaluated by a developmental pediatrician and unfortunately got the diagnosis.
Having the diagnosis would allow us to get services and they are essential for him to get better.
I think you should get an evaluation asap by a developmental pediatrician or a pediatric neurologist to check if we has it or not.
Hope all turns out ok!

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