Top Intervention Centres in US

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Top Intervention Centres in US

Postby happydad13 » Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:46 am

Our son who is 3.2 years is having symptoms of ASD, he is non-verbal. We think he might be in mild scale, however not sure as we don't have any proper assessment done locally. We live in India and are seriously considering to move to US or UK or elsewhere to get the best intervention or special education program. In US I think we would have to go with private centres and we are not a citizen. Can someone guide us which are the top centres in US who can provide intensive intervention? Or what are the top areas where we can consider moving and find best centres? We do not have any restriction, we are glad to move to any part of world for our son to ensure he gets the best help.
Thanks in advance for any inputs...

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