We need help from parents in Monmouth county, NJ!!

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We need help from parents in Monmouth county, NJ!!

Postby girlsmom » Wed Mar 08, 2017 11:13 am

Hi I'm a parent of high functioning autistic child (not Asperger). We are located in Monmouth county,NJ. We are looking for a good public or private school in Monmouth county for our 12 year old. Does anybody know different programs(both public and private are option) in our area? We have seen at least ten private schools but none were suitable for our child. Many schools just outright lied to us claiming they can address her needs but mostly they have emotionally disturbed children or low functioning autistic and just wanted the tuition she comes with. Our daughter is intelligent, bright and willing to learn. Her main areas of difficulties are social language and reading comprehension which impacts the way she learns. With a bit of help from us she usually masters all of the concepts.We are desperate to find most appropriate program for her as the academic standards in her current and previous programs were very low and aimed at lower functioning children. We are looking for a program that continues through the high school, explores the different types of professions and provides a support for college transition. Please help!!!

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