I might be autistic, but does it matter?

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Nuclear Breadbox
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I might be autistic, but does it matter?

Postby Nuclear Breadbox » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:13 pm

First, I am going to ask if, based on a list of possible symptoms, you think I may be autistic. Then, I am going to ask your opinion on whether or not I should get diagnosed and why. I have never been tested for autism, but this is likely because my parents were completely unaware of its milder forms for quite some time. My mother is now a preschool para, and some of the children she works with are autistic. I had tics when I was younger, and some have told me that I still do. I am now 15 (and male, if that matters). One of my tics was licking my hands after touching something that felt weird, like metal, or sometimes after writing, because the pencil and paper sound "felt" dry. Another was clearing my throat loudly and obnoxiously, though I was not aware of this, and mouthing sentences before and after saying them. I was not aware of this either. Sometimes I felt the mouthing of the words "balanced" something, although I do not know why. I still do things to feel balanced and symmetrical now. My parents were afraid I might have Tourette's. I have always taken things literally and am the last one to get jokes. If somebody says something that might be sarcastic, I don't respond because I can't tell. In first grade my teacher told us to cross our fingers if we needed to go to the restroom during group reading time, because she couldn't be interrupted. So, I always walked proudly to the table and stood there with my fingers crossed until she noticed me. She didn't understand the first couple times, but eventually she told me to go. I have also had severe anxiety about social situations and anything where there is not a right answer. I would break down crying from stress even when I was little. My first grade teacher told my parents she thought I might be autistic. They only told me this recently, after I took an autism quiz online to see what kind of questions would be asked, prompted by a language arts unit about leadership in which Temple Grandin was discussed. To my surprise, I scored a 44 out of 50. This meant I was very likely to be autistic. My parents told me I should not take this seriously since I was not fully matured, so the quiz wasn't really fair. When I was little I stuttered, although I did speak at a normal age. I am called Spock because people say I do not show emotion. I am very, very good at math and would have won the Middle school's pi memorization contest in sixth grade, but I was up unable to go past 98 because the entire schools was watching. I lost to an eight grader who made it to 102, though I had taken 4 days since I had splearned of the competition to get to 120. I still have severe anxiety. I am also quite afraid of people, because I never know how to act around them. I was the first in my grade to pass the gifted test, and I am shooting for valedictorian, but my parents tell me I am going to have to get over being afraid of people because I am afraid to talk to my teachers, too. What other information do you need? (Not rhetorical) I don't know whether I am autistic, and the exam is very expensive. My parents don't even suspect I am autistic, so does it really matter if it's not that severe? Thank you.

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Re: I might be autistic, but does it matter?

Postby asdfadf » Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:45 am

I didn't read your text wall; just the first and last lines. Does it matter whether you're autistic if it's not severe? I would say it depends on you: there's not an answer which fits everyone (isn't that annoying? :P ). Here are some things I thought about before deciding whether to get myself tested:
1) Do you want to know?
2) Do you think it might help with some signs / symptoms you show?
3) Do you think it might help others understand your behaviour (and do you care)?

I decided not to get myself tested, nor worry about whether I'm autistic because it doesn't matter to me, and it wouldn't be severe anyway. Yet, I do occasionally look at resources for people with autism / asperger's if I think it might help with something I'm experiencing.

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