User interface for children with ASD.

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User interface for children with ASD.

Postby mikeyc_95 » Tue Apr 04, 2017 12:30 pm

Hello everyone,

My name is Michal. I am 3rd year Graphic Design student at the University of Salford. For my dissertation topic, I have chosen to look into the user interface and autism, more specifically I created my own question - Can ‘ASD’ user interface endorse principles of usability and accessibility for children with “ASD”? As I wanted to find out more about the barriers children face when using conventional UI such as Android and iOS and whether there is specially cater UI would prove to be more useful and promote freedom, improved learning and usability. Based on in-depth research I found in numerous books, online articles and journals. I created my own prototype of the interface. All the design choices were influenced by research. I normally would create a flash and smooth interface but that was not the point in this case as the usability is the main point. I would like to ask you if you could spare few moments and take a look at the basic prototypes and tell me whether you think they are successful or not.

Iphone version -
Ipad version -

I am sorry if the design offends anyone due to it not being well developed or lacks major points which I do not know about, I have no previous knowledge about autism apart from my best friends younger brother who has low functioning ASD, Which is the reason why I chose ASD as my topic. I really want to help people and children and I do believe there needs to be a special user interface for children or people with ASD as in my opinion it can help with the learning process but also provide freedom of having an own device without needing parental supervision.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I can provide my written essay would anybody be interested in reading it. Thank you. :)

Kind regards,

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