12 year old on the spectrum

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12 year old on the spectrum

Postby ZigZagD » Thu Apr 13, 2017 1:47 pm

My poor 12 year old son has so many diagnoses that I've never been sure if we are missing something that ties it all together, or if he simply has several related but separate problems. Here is a list:

essential tremors
posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
tongue tied
macular hole (this is the most recent, and we don't have the definitive diagnoses yet)

He has a great vocabulary (although he doesn't always put his sentences together effectively), and a witty sense of humor, however he does not enunciate well (maybe due to being tongue tied in part?), sometimes misunderstands people's meanings and intentions to the point of becoming upset. He is socially awkward, though not always. Has has trouble making friends. struggles to read (3 years behind) struggles to write and spell (about like a first grader) and with math. He has an awkward gait, like he's unsure of himself, but it's not necessarily obvious. He has begun having to wear foot and ankle braces due to the issues with his feet (PTTD) He won't wear certain clothes because he doesn't like certain fabric or tags etc. He chooses not to eat at times because the food will "remind him of something gross", just out of the blue. He never learned to ride a bike. It took forever for him to begin catching a ball. He's gotten a lot better at that, but still swats it away a lot. His hands shake (the tremors) when he is using his fingers for the ipad or for writing or anything that requires purposeful eye hand coordination. He has always had a "drop of a hat" temper, which has gotten him in trouble at school sooo many times, because he says inappropriate things and makes threats ( he is in an autism classroom). He has terrible anxiety, and is always thinking about negative "what if" situations. He has become depressed in the last year, and started talking about suicide, but generally only when he is upset (which has caused a big problem at school as well). All other times he seems as if he is fine. The problem is, you can't always predict what is going to upset him, and sometimes the most random or benign thing will set him off. He has been in individual therapy and social therapy since about 7 years old. He most recently began ABA therapy, though I admit to having reservations about it helping much. When he was 7 he had an MRI to check for brain damage, and supposedly none was seen. He hasn't had a follow up MRI. He was tested when he was 7 for seizures, which they also did not find any evidence of. He was tested at 10 yrs by a psychologist, who said he scored an 84 for IQ, but she also said he had a terribly hard time paying attention, so it might have been higher were it not for the severity of the ADHD getting in the way.

At this point, I'm not sure what else to do for him. I know you guys aren't medical professionals, but it's always good to come together with other people who have experiences with similar things in case there are things you or your doctors did not think about. Anybody care to comment?

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Re: 12 year old on the spectrum

Postby AutismStinks » Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:03 pm

There is a study that just came out that says people with autism are over diagnosed with other things.
Take a deep breath, maybe get another opinion, but I would not worry about most of them and focus on autism and any intellectual disabilities.
Autism and anxiety go hand in hand.
Almost all people diagnosed with autism show no brain difference in MRI from "normals".

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