Communication Board with Text-to-speech - Need Help

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Communication Board with Text-to-speech - Need Help

Postby shayc » Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:40 pm


I'm Shay and I’m part of a team of volunteers from around the world who are developing a free AAC communication board with text-to-speech for the browser. The web app enables those with communication impairments (autism / cerebral palsy) to communicate by touching symbols which are read out loud by the browser. It contains around 3400 symbols the user to choose from when creating a new board.

App (alpha):

Source code:

Our aim is to provide the web app in as many languages as we can.
Similar applications are often expensive and not always available in some languages.

What we need is help with proofreading and/or some exposure so we can find more contributors easily.

A link to our translation platform:


Shay Cojocaru

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