Support Our Autistic Children

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Support Our Autistic Children

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My autistic grandson was diagnosed at the age of 2. He was unable to talk, acknowledge my entrance in a room, look in my eyes, or stop staring at himself in anything that cast a reflection to name a few. I have come to understand that on the spectrum there were other children that had so much more to deal with. It is important to never give up hope for positive change. With a great deal of help from family, friends and the medical and educational community at the age of 8 Tyler began to communicate with others even though he was socially awkward. Today Tyler is 17 years old, he is popular at school, and is now in a singing competition and you can view his interview where he talks about dealing with his autism at If you want to support him leave a comment (he is the contestant in the middle of the second row with the purple background) I cried when he shared about his autism and talked about his two younger brothers who also live with more severe forms of autism. Sometimes our autistic children surprise us when they are able to let outl the beauty they hold inside.

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