Where do we start?

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Where do we start?

Postby Kansas » Sun May 14, 2017 2:42 am

Daughter was recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and we're struggling to understand why, what it all means, what we should do next, etc.

She's four years old, has a huge vocabulary, is sometimes precocious, makes good eye contact, is social but sometimes struggles with social rules. Isn't that normal for four? She's never had any developmental problems, is a bit behind on some of her drawing and cutting skills (she's left-handed so that might explain that). They are saying she's so severe she'll need an aid in school? But she's already reading some words on her own! I don't understand how she could be considered advanced in some ways but still so "disabled" that she needs an aid.

Is it possible she was wrongly diagnosed? How do we know? How do we not know? This is all so new to us and we're struggling to understand.

Dr. Krakouer
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Re: Where do we start?

Postby Dr. Krakouer » Wed May 17, 2017 9:59 am

Greetings Kansas, you have made a number of valid indicators and some that do indeed suggest your daughter may not be Autistic. In answer to your question: "Yes, it is possible that your child has been incorrectly diagnosed" However. you do not cite who conducted the Evaluation, the tests utilized or the score results attained by your daughter. Kansas, this is vital data and it is essential that you convey it to a professional with considerable expertise in the domain of Autism in order to construct an informed opinion. Because that is exactly what you need at this time. But, first and foremost, try and stay calm and clear headed, do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by this diagnosis...you can always get a second opinion!! Finally, just for the record Kansas, I am also left handed and it has not impaired my development one iota, either cognitively or socially.
Happy to talk further, Best regards Dr. Krakouer.

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Re: Where do we start?

Postby Winnie » Wed May 17, 2017 10:02 pm


1) Who referred your daughter, and who diagnosed your daughter (school district, independent evaluator, etc)?

2) Does she attend a preschool program? What have her teachers reported?

The "next" thing would probably be to contact your local school district -- since she is 4, services would fall to the your school district (depending on your state, there may be other services available via other agencies). The district can conduct an eval of their own to determine eligibility for services.

Many children on the spectrum read early and have large vocabularies by 4 -- but I'm not sure why the person who diagnosed her depicted her as severe. Do you have the scores on specific tests? What tests were administered that led to her diagnosis?
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