Guy talking about me and cancelling bible study

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Guy talking about me and cancelling bible study

Postby jashbagash22 » Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:19 pm

I am so upset and hurt right now because this guy I thought was my friend was talking crap about me to a mutual friend and apparently is mad at me and won't talk to me about it. I hate it when people talk about me to mutual friends when they have an issue with or are mad at me but won't talk to me about it and instead avoid me. It's clear that there is nothing I can do if you won't talk to me but instead talk to others about me. My mutual friend had brought up that he and that guy got together because that guy wanted to talk to him about something and when I asked what it was he said he asked him not to talk about it to anyone else and that it was a sensitive subject. I asked is it about me and he said kind of, and I said is he mad about me and he said I dont know how to answer that. which I took to mean he was mad at me. Why? Why wouldnt he just talk to me about what his issue was with me instead of this other mutual friend. And not tell me?
Also, why would you cancel bible study less than 2 hours before it was supposed to start because of the NBA finals?? Do people not know when the NBA finals are until last minute or..? I'm sorry but this isn't right what they are doing, if they are cancelling bible study because of an issue they have with me and keep making excuses to cancel hoping I eventually will stop going. It's dishonest, passive aggressive and unbiblical. Do you think this is the real reason they keep cancelling bible study? Or are their reasons legitimate?

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