Separation anxiety with 12 year old son

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Separation anxiety with 12 year old son

Postby Midatlanticmom3 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:07 pm

Hi all! I'm new here. I'm really needing some advice. I need to provide some background info first. From 8/15-8/16 My son dealt with my husband being on a work assignment out of state and home on the weekends. While there were ups and downs my son for the most part he handled it well. Then my husband had a 30 day international assignment 8/16-9/16. Now my husband has an assignment working from home since 10/16 and will continue until 2019. With that all said, my son who is 12 has developed intense separation anxiety. When my husband leaves to either go out and away from the house for any amount of time or even if he goes to the backyard shed to retrieve something, my son panics. He uses an iPad for communication but does have limited verbal skills due to having Apraxia. We think he doesn't understand the concept of time even though he says "later" or "soon" and knows where dad is going and in what car. We have tried EVERYTHING. Just to name a few...Lots of visuals, FaceTime videos,tried both preparing ahead of time and also just right before he was to leave... nothing is working. Lots and lots of pacing by the door, crying and other meltdowns behaviors. It has gotten really bad anytime my husband leaves. Any advice? We think and hoping it's a "phase" but it's been going on since Winter Break. Thank you in advance for any guidance.

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