Choosing our ABA team

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Choosing our ABA team

Postby bhawin » Wed Jun 21, 2017 12:14 pm


I have been trying to find ABA team for our daughter. There are several providers when I search online. Everybody has the same intake and process. They would verify will insurance for eligibility, schedule assessment and set up team. So here is my question.
What should I ask or look for in our ABA team?
Are there specific ABA models that worked better or otherwise in your experience?
Should I ask for specific qualifications for the therapist?

I'm trying to google and find things I should do. But nothing can beat personal experience hence asking. I know Im asking too many questions, but pls understand that Im pretty new and totally overwhelmed. I'm so afraid of doing something wrong.

Our Scenario: Daughter almost 3, ASD Diagnosis - Moderate, Has over 100 single words(labels) , not much functional language

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Re: Choosing our ABA team

Postby JBTX » Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:37 pm

Our son had 2 years of ABA at an ABA center when he was three and about a year and a half at home when he was around 8 years old. Did it help? Probably. Was it a miracle cure? No.

What we saw in both cases was you had to deal with frequent turnover in staff. Both in the supervisors and the ones doing the day to day therapy. Often the ones doing the day to day are pretty young and may not have a ton of experience in the field until their current experience. Of course they do all that to try to keep it affordable. Doing 30+ hours a week with a highly trained and experienced therapist would be extremely costly.

I guess all I can say is ask around and get recommendations. Chances are the team you end with will be different than the team you start with.

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