Diagnosis Day

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Diagnosis Day

Postby bhawin » Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:46 pm

Disclaimer: This is a rant. My awe at the Medical Profession.

Diagnosis Day:

We knew what was coming. We had 2 assessment in the prior months, Early Intervention Assessed in March, School district assessment in May and the Medical Diagnosis was in June.

Early Intervention called it Global Development Delay (Suggested ST,OT & DT)
School called it Moderate Autism and enrolled her for a ASD classroom preschool for next year
Medical diagnosis gave a single word - Autism... not even the complete name - ASD and that's it.

Medical Diagnosis included the first level assessment with ST, OT & Social Worker. They all stated their observations which pretty much matched the earlier assessments. Then came our much awaited Specialist MD, who did some drills and said "We are diagnosing her with Autism. Here are some papers who can reach out for details about resources & services"

That's it. No explanation of what Autism was, no info on where are the spectrum she falls, no prognosis nothing. I was prepared to accept the diagnosis, gracefully reject the prognosis that medical professionals were allowed to offer. What I was not prepared for was the blatant I don't give a darn attitude from the Medical Profession. Yes they don't have anything to offer, wouldn't you have the decency and empathy to give parents more than a word.

When I asked where in the spectrum she falls, the doc shrugged to say I think Moderate.

When I asked about Nutritional Deficiencies, Heavy Metal toxicity there was so much reluctance. With much ado, I was able to get a prescription for Heavy Metal testing (Mercury, Lead) & CBC. No tests for nutritional deficiencies.

Too bad that our medical system isn't even trying to look at the co-existing conditions for these children and see if we can make their life any easier. But to not give a darn is sheer disgrace. Is this typical? Is this a one off non-human specialist or is this common? I soo wish this isn't the case.

My dream for my daughter was to see her as a doctor one day. What a noble profession or so I thought. Not any more, if being a doctor means patients are nothing but appointments and not people.

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