Social autistic 6 year old, please explain.

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Social autistic 6 year old, please explain.

Postby $Penny9 » Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:20 pm

We know a 6 year old that has learning disabilities, speech problems, and he acts out frequently. But he is very social, makes eye contact, tries to listen and learn. He has some repetitive movements , but usually only when he's giggling and happy. He has been diagnosed as autistic. We understand everything except the social part. Can anyone elaborate for us?

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Re: Social autistic 6 year old, please explain.

Postby crwdklr » Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:53 am

Im 20 and was diagnosed when I was 5 or 6, Im tryna join the Air Force now just posted on here then saw this.
Don't let your kid be diagnosed if he does fine, being diagnosed with Autism has ruined nearly all of my school life and is affecting my adulthood, and I know I'm not Autistic anymore. I grew up being babied by my parents from having it and "omg autism is so bad we need to baby him" going to multiple schools getting multiple IEPs and just ruining my life, like, at 15 I told my parents cut the crap I'm not autistic, maybe I was before but I grew out of it. I stopped taking my medicine and went into life, I've sold cars for nearly a year, been a security officer, made many girlfriends, and even broke a 730 credit score.

I'm now trying to find my way into the Air Force and a way to undiagnose myself, the label has only brought hardship to me, knowing im not autistic "anymore", and my family would milk it.

Hey, kids at 6 are going to be super shy then super excited and happy.
ADD, Autism, ADHD, doctors dont know what it is, its just a part of growing up, but thats a way for doctors to make money, get patients, diagnose problems. Doctors dont make money not diagnosing.
The kids fine. I wish I could end the millions of false diagnosis, Autism ruins lives. Unless youre one of the ppl going "blaaaa" and being a retard you aint autistic.

Coming from a "cured autistic"

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Re: Social autistic 6 year old, please explain.

Postby bluesky » Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:42 pm


I was wondering if having a new communication device at night can help parents to communicate why the children woke up or how they feel?

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Re: Social autistic 6 year old, please explain.

Postby lovemymonsters » Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:12 pm

crwdklr wrote:Unless youre one of the ppl going "blaaaa" and being a retard you aint autistic.

Coming from a "cured autistic"

That is pretty rude and insensitive. Maybe you were incorrectly diagnosed as autistic - should have been "ignorant".

I work with kids who have autism, and it really is a spectrum. I have seen kids who you would never suspect as being a bit "different", to ones who live in a world of their own. Yes, you can have autism and still be quite social. Look at HOW the person socializes. For example, do they follow a line of conversation, or go off on another tangent at random. Is the socialization meaningful, or sort of one-sided? Do they ask questions that are age and situation appropriate? Sometimes kids like this LOVE to talk about themselves, or a topic that is of interest. It's a great way to encourage communication, which will help reduce anxiety and negative behaviours.

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