Seeking advice and sharing some information about my son

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Seeking advice and sharing some information about my son

Postby Usernametaken » Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:19 pm

So I have a 2 year old that has not been diagnosed yet. He has a diagnosis appointment with a phsychatrist in a week. However looking at some of his behavior we have felt that he might have autism. So I just wanted to share some information about him and possibly get some advice from some of you with a bit more experience than me on how to deal with certain issues.

So he started to crawl a bit later than other babies his age and started to walk a bit later as well. But even that wasn't too alarming. We've been waiting for him to say his first words but he never got around to it. So that's when I started to suspect something and started reading about things which lead to me reading more about autism and noticed he does have some of the symptoms.

- He didn't make much eye contact when he was younger although he does a lot more now.

- he didn't show interest in plush toys, only in electronic toys that make sounds.

- He doesn't point at things. Instead of he wants something he will grab our hands and place it on the item to give it to him.

- He doesn't understand verbal commands or responds to his name.

- He doesn't play with other kids however he does show interest in them. Like he will look at other kids and get excited and laugh or he will wanna touch them or grab what they're playing with. He doesn't have too much contact with other kids though because we don't know others with kids and if we take him to a playground or something as soon as he starts touching other kids we stop him just because not every parent is understanding or might be scared.

- He seems to have sensory issues where he doesn't like his face to be touched a lot.

- He doesn't wave his hands at you if you do it, doesn't imitate you (maybe some slight imitations here and there like clapping hands).

- He's fascinated with letters. Like the text in intro and ending credits of a movie, game, TV show etc.

- He kind of does the stimming thing but only when he's excited. Also I'm not too familiar with stimming but he will close his eyes and wrinkle his nose and move his hands around. I've seen some example videos and it looks kind of like that but not exactly. So maybe it is that and maybe it's not.

- Repition is something I'm not sure how to explain. He seems to loose interest in a lot of things pretty fast. However there are times if let's say recently I throw a bunch of tiny plastic balls from his play pen thing on him he will want me to repeat that. Things like that but he himself doesn't do repetitive things that often, most of the time it's him wanting us to do it. There are certain sounds he makes sometimes which he will repeat over and over again for like a few days or certain situations but that's about it.

- He's a fussy eater, like he will not even give certain foods or textures a try. For example he will not try meats at all. He only wants plain rice with yogurt most of the time. Sometimes he will try new things some times which makes us happy and sometimes he' ll be fussy with food in general unless it's some unhealthy snack. Then again it's our first kid and I'm not too sure if this is normal toddler eating habits or not.

- Sometimes he does throw tantrums if he doesn't get things his way.

- His sleeping habits are hard for us and most importantly himself. It used to take an hour or more of breast feeding to put him to sleep. Now it's taking less time but once he wakes up for whatever reason, it's hard for him to go back to sleep despite being sleepy and rubbing his eyes.

Those are just some of the things I can think of right now. Does any or most of that seem familiar with other parents here? When we went for our initial questionnaire type of appointment with this kids psychiatrist he said that some of what we mentioned fits the autism spectrum and some doesn't. However there have been some positive and negative changes since then which we will mention next week.

I'm hoping some of you can give me some advice on how you have dealt with certain issues here. For example he is 2 years and 4 months old and has only been breastfeed. My wife wants to separate him from breast feeding completely but it's been a challenge. He will not nap or sleep at night unless he gets his mother's milk. We have tried certain ways which have decreased it compared to before like my wife will carry him with his head on her shoulder until he falls asleep but as soon as she puts him on the bed he will cry and the only way to have him sleep or calm down is to breastfeed him which have actually ruined his teeth as well. How did any of you separate your kid from breast feeding? Because my son won't even give regular cows milk a chance. Won't even try mom's milk from a bottle either.

The other issue has been his eating habits. For a while we tried to have him be on an electrolyte diet which he was fine and then he just refused eating it all together. Or recently I've been reading the benefits of black seed oil or how Krill oil helps with speech. But he won't give it a try. Trying to trick him is not easy either, he will know if we put something with his food or if it's hidden in the spoon under a layer of whatever it is he's eating. He will just spit it out. I've tried making some sort of candy which he somehow knows (he's really smart with this) and he will spit it out.

So we like to limit his cartoon watching time to only if we're out in a restaurant and he's being fussy or only when his diaper is being changed. Pretty much some special situations only. He will see our phone or me playing a video game and he will cry and scream for us to let him watch something or for him to stand really close up to our TV while he I will turn it off.

Any advice or suggestions is truly appreciated. Honestly it's been hard for us, and not really cause of his behavioral issues but for his future if he does have autism. Reading some posts here on how others have been struggling or being able to succeed with certain issues has been a bit helpful for me in giving me the confidence to make an account here and post as well.

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Re: Seeking advice and sharing some information about my son

Postby Binti1 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:01 pm

You can try qigong massage ,to put him to sleep.It takes 15 minutes a day.initially it will be hard,then it will be easier. It is good for all sensory issues and autism.

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