My son has just been diagnosed and not sure how to feel..

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My son has just been diagnosed and not sure how to feel..

Postby ssroths220 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:21 pm

My 2.4 year old son has just been dx with ASD. He is very high functioning. We are lucky that he is a social, engaging and verbal child. He is currently in school from 9-12:30pm every day and home with me the rest of the day. Next week he is starting ABA therapy at home from 2-5pm and having an ABA shadow at school from 9-12. In a few months we will reassess for speech and OT.

I am writing because all of the doctors we have seen have told us that the chance of another child having ASD after your first has been diagnosed- is 20%!
That seems really high to me. I have been feeling very ambivalent about having another child. I want my child to have a sibling but at the same time- another ASD child could take away attention from my son and all of his therapies.

Please share your stories or any advice?


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