Joining Army- medical history "autism" when I was 5, but im not autistic, no signs, mother was crazy and sheltered me

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Joining Army- medical history "autism" when I was 5, but im not autistic, no signs, mother was crazy and sheltered me

Postby crwdklr » Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:47 am

Hey guys, I see alot of people that post about having autism, because they accept the fact they have it and ppl say just lie and join or get DQ'd and dont join. Well, I was diagnosed when I was 5 or 6, I know for a fact I don't have it bc you can not diagnose a kid. Also I been selling cars for over a year rippin ppl off left n right and negotiating deals, true confidence every deal yo. I was also a security officer at a hospital, restraining mental hoodlums down n crap.
Idk if I was falsely diagnosed with Asp or Autism. I was 5 or 6, there's legit no paper trail to it. Had some therapy around 10 thats all. But my mom was very immature and everytime I went to the hospital for a fever or some simple (mild expletive removed) she told the people I had autism / took medicine for it. Btw I stopped taking it when I was 14 bc I was like this shits gay and isnt doing anything, Im not autistic, its just something my mom forced me to take. I'm 20 now.
I tried enlisting into the Army last year, I told my recruiter everything and he said not to give him a single paper of medical history, so I didn't. I passed MEPS with flying colors, but momma didn't raise no expletive removed and I didn't wanna go reserves so I backed out.
Now I'm trying to join the Air Force. He doesn't know what to do, hell, every Recruiter tells me to lie. It'll be near impossible to get a diagnose paperwork from when I was 5, so technically I dont have it officially, just shtity ass side notes my mom put in hospital visits + medication I took. Anyways, This AF Recruiter is basically saying these - 1) Dont tell him, give parts of medical record and join because I dont know if I have autism or not. So why should I say yes? (but my record says autism in side notes, just no diagnose) 2) Give him the medical records + get a psychologist to say I dont have autism and was falsely diagnosed, because I was 5 so like yo wtf dude. 3) just go balls deep and dont give any record
Anyways, I know for a fact I dont have autism, I succeed at life, I move every 6-9 months and dont have a routine, I smash on girls and I occasionally go to kickbacks or meet up in town with car groups and race n do stupid stuff, also like I said I sell cars, I talk to ppl every day all day. I wanna see a Aspie try that stuff. Crap his pants.
I know I dont have autism and the first doctor was a total tool. Everyone worried about it coming to Military believe they have autism, I know I don't.
What do I do? Get a doctor to say I dont? Go to the same tool from when I was 10 to say I dont and my mom sheltered me? Push with my medical record of simple fever visits and side notes saying autism, and there is literally no trail back to my diagnosis? or just dont tell them and risk some bs coming up in 3 years?
But yeah, original diagnosis is out of the picture. No trail to it, no trail to any official diagnosis. Just word of mouth and side notes, prescription til I was 14, and some stupid therapy when I was 10, maybe he has the original but I doubt it.
So I came down to lie and join, or go balls deep and prove I dont have autism. Recruiters on my side, not shutting me down.
Thx guys, and don't try to correct me saying I have Autism bc I know I dont, im here for advice. Out of all places.

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