What am I supposed to do.....

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What am I supposed to do.....

Postby pillowdo » Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:48 pm

so This may Be really long, but bair with me.
so let me start off by saying this,
he is 13 years old, no specific diet, and as you may have guessed, he's a male, he can't talk at all he could say basics like sorry, food, come, bathroom and so on. but not a full sentence
so after getting the basics out of the way let me say how his normal day routine goes, wakes up 5:30 AM I wake him up by calling his name, I get him some cloth to wear and give him it, and he wears it by him self but I HAVE TO tell him "(name) wear it" so he only does things if he is told, some days he wakes up Really mad for some reason he has his own room in the 3rd floor I have the room exactly next to him so we are like roommates, anyways he gets up we go down stairs I leave and he stays with my mother until his school bus takes him (he's in a school specifically for autistic children).
so he comes back home after me which by that time it's 1:30 - 2 PM we go upstairs or stay down depending if lunch is ready and if he's in a bad mood we take the food and eat upstairs because he acts very angry and violent next to my Mother and sisters,(he acts more mad and overlord on women/females then men or me that's why we eat together. not because he feels more safe around us but more feared to piss males off then females considering when he gets mad my mother tried to come him down by giving him food, which is a bad thing because next time he wants food he will yell but with me or any other male I will probably tell him to either sit next to me so he will stop yelling and making annoying sounds and kicking everything or make him stand with his hands raised up until he says sorry) and if his mood is ok then we eat together with my sisters and mother, so after that me and him stay on the 3rd floor for like All day, he has Nothing to do so he messes around with some toys or goes to sleep, so I installed a TV inside his room 2 days ago I will add some of your recommended videos for him to watch, anyways we stay there ALL day until he goes to sleep which is like 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM and that ends the day, but on weekends its a little different but I want to fix the problem now, but the issue is hes VERY short-tempared he could lose his mind over a Cough or a sniff (when you have a cold and your noise is runy so you sniff it in)
or just wake up mad or ask him to go to his bed (as it's time to sleep) he gets super angry, and ALOT of other reasons but nowadays I'm responsible for him and I Don't tell him to sleep at a specific time, if he wants to sleep, sleep. if you don't then don't simple. he use to be in a VERY bad routine which was bases on commands, do this. do that. get this. wear that. and it became worse to the point that the (person) was putting his shoe for him and helping him wear his jacket and putting his socks on for him like hes paralyzed or something. so we toled that person to stop! because it's ruining his mind. so now he needs commands for everything ( eating, sitting, wearing his cloth, sleeping, wearing his shoe, and so one) its really annoying so yea,
(Important Notes: I'm his brother Pillowdo, I'm the one he spends almost his hole day with, so I know him more then anyone would from what makes him mad and what could annoy him, so yea, I don't know much about autism especially that the ones I see is almost NOTHING like the level of extremeness that my brother has, he could get so angry to the point 3-4 years ago he slammed a ipad in my face and back then we had a ipad 1 so all those ipad 1 users you know how painful that could be, considering a ipad 1 is like pure metal you could imagine the feeling, and ofc my father came back and got really mad and yelled at him and as for punishment he was told to raise his hands up on the wall for some time, anyways he never hurted anyone after that but hes breaking things but he stopped now. instead he yells and recently he started hitting his little sister he did it once 1 week ago which i was ready to get really aggressive if he starts hitting anyone
so yea I hope this is enough info, I heared every autistic kid is different from one to another so I thought I might need help, my father keeps putting him in a professional school for autistic children like his age and even higher, and my father is spending alot of money on him, so if there's anything that will help him I'm sure my father would give it a shot
so yea, if there's anything you guys suggest please, you're more then welcome
specific diet maybe? and please send me some youtube links for videos I should add on his TV so he could watch, and please I'm trying not to add animals in it considering he copies alot of things he sees to animals noises are not something I want him to copy ;D anyways so yea thanks for your time I really appreciate it and take Care!

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