Risk of autism in kids due to sibling

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Risk of autism in kids due to sibling

Postby analytical_mind » Fri Nov 24, 2017 6:25 am

Hello, there.

My wife and I are considering having kids - and we want to know what is the risk of the child being autistic / having developmental disorders based on the below

1) My wife suffers from epilepsy and is on medication (Valproate). She has had only a few major episodes but lack of sleep is a trigger for it. Apart from that she lives a normal life. I understand that epilepsy too is a sympton of autism hence it could be the case that she has very mild autism (low on the spectrum)
2) My wife's sister suffers from moderate - severe autism. I understand that autism is largely a genetic disorder

Has anyone come across any reliable studies on this? Are there any tests that can be done? How do i place a probability that the kids will have autism? It will help us decide about having kids / adopting.

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