Potty Training issues with a 7 year old

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Potty Training issues with a 7 year old

Postby GeoLes » Mon May 16, 2005 4:06 pm

My 7 year old has been diagnoses with CP and Autims. He is non-verbal, and we have made progress in self feeding (although he continiues to drive us crazy when he bangs his fork/spoon on the plate), and he even urinates in the toilet.

However he still refuses to (how shall I put this) pass his bowels on the toilet, preferring his pull ups or, even worse, the middle of bath time (to my horror). We have tried everything we can think of. We have placed him on the toilet whenever he does his "little dance" adminoshing him to finish his business there. Instead he sits there and plays with everthing in reach, only to go later when off the "pot'. I can understand his aversion, but I can't help but fear being the parent of an un-toilet trained teenager.

What shall we do?


potty training

Postby guest » Mon May 16, 2005 8:28 pm

I understand your frustration
I have 4 year old by with autism.
He could urinate to toliet since was 3 years old, but he would do his BM only to diaper. He was not wearing diapers at all, but everytime he wanted BM, he would insist on putting diaper on to do so. However he would never soil his pants.
I thought we would never teach him to do his BM to toilet, we tried everything.
Finally I took all diapers away from him. We waited 3 -4 day and he was really getting uncomfortable with it, but he would still not do his BM to toilet.
Finally I gave him glycerine fleet , and make him sit on toilet. He ould not hold it anymore and he went.
Once he realized what happened, he liked it and we do not have any problems since than, he will tell us he is going to sit on potty and he does it.
I hope this helps.


Potty Training issues with a 7 year old

Postby GeoLes » Tue May 17, 2005 9:58 am

Thank you for your assistance. A few weeks ago we visited Philadelphia for the week and had the same issue there. My son Tayor has iritable bowel syndrom and is naturally avers to "going on the potty" preferring any place else. We left him on the toilet until he had to go, but he really had a difficult time pushing it out, despite the fact that we constantly feed him roughage in the form of prunes, carrots and other fresh veggies. Maybe we should use a Metamucil-type product.

I finally got a feet emema, which did the trick, but I would prefer to keep that a tool of last resort. I want him to choose to go on the potty. He knows to get his pull up (stragically placed near the bathroom) as a signal that he wants to urinate (not consistently, but we are still working on that), but he does not seem to care if he is wearing a pull up or not. (He has left embarassing messes on the floor in the past). We try to make it clear to him that this is not acceptable, but it does not seem to sink in. Are there any approches that might be helpful here.

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Postby TamiW » Tue May 17, 2005 10:09 am

PFeiffer told me that kids with autism sometimes can not feel their muscles that control their stools and urination due to their heavy toxicity from both yeast and metals. Gavin has been potty trained since he was 2 1/2 only weeks after starting chelation. But when we start to pull lots of metals or his yeast goes out of control, he has lots of accidents. I don't punish him of course, cause I know it is not his fault. I do tell him to pay attention better and try to get there sooner. Once the yeast is back under control it always goes away. So maybe you could add some probiotics, if you haven't already. Maybe look into some chelation, natural or prescription, and MB12 shots I know could help. My best to you.

mom from mass
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Mom from Mass

Postby mom from mass » Tue May 17, 2005 12:16 pm

Tami also reccomends flax oils. It helps to softend the stool. It's NOT a laxative it's a supplement. & Capryl it helps with the yeast in the intestines, and helps with the bowels. We just potty trained my boy this year & he is 13. I bought a cooking timer with a ringer. I would set it for 15 to 20 mnts. would sit him in the potty, and would remove my self so he would not see me their in side with him . This is to make them comfortable, by sitting in the potty without us. I would stay out the bathroom door and make sure he would sit, but would not look at him directly , or make eye contact with him until he would do his pop. If he would not, I would say good job for sitting in the potty!!!. If he did a pop, I would do LOT"S and LOT'S of praises. and have a party. The ladies at this forum can tell you how we did our celebrations, and how important it is to give that praise when he does acomplish that task. :) Then as he got more comfortable I would make the timer less and less, and I would remove my self , Until he got the concept and he did it all by himself, with out any prompting from me. Now he goes all by himsef. . Just be very patient. Is not easy, and it is hard work. He will get impatient because he will not like it. and will not want to sit in the bahtroom. give him a books, or play some music. What ever it takes to keep him in the pooty until that timer goes of. With Moms patient, Guide, Calmness, and love he will get potty trained. :wink: I thought It was never going to happen for us, but it did. 8) I hope this can help you a bit . Good luck.


Potty Training issues with a 7 year old

Postby GeoLes » Tue May 17, 2005 2:17 pm

How do I adminster the Flax oil. I take it you mean Fax "seed" oil, or is this something different. I have seen flax seed oil in the health food stores. I have not tried the timer. I will have to get one.

My son is so averse that he begins the process somewhere in the house. We take him promptly to the bathroom and it is as if nothing ever happens. He plays with the toilet paper (a mess), or anything else he can get his hands on, but no bm. Take him off the pot and 5 minutes later, he does what we call "the poopie dance" again. Back to the pot for another ordeal. He usually wins, leaving his mother and I frustrated and a bit angry after giving him several oportunites to go. :|


mom from mass

Postby Guest » Tue May 17, 2005 6:18 pm

Yeap, sounds like evans. Any place but the potty. Tami, Kristal or Dana can give you more info on the flax oil. Yes it's the one you get in the whole food store in the frig. Tami recommende it for evans . he was constipated for a few days, and evans had not had a pop. I got it from the market but sorry I can't tell you how to give it to him . I have not had to use it. is still in the frig. I got the capryl caps and it has done the job. He has been going to the basthroom. Thank God. I think they have to drink it. but wait for them to tell you, and to make sure how much you have to give him. and sounds just like Evans, would not do it in the potty, but as soon as he would get out. POP he went. That would get me so upset. I could not understand why he just would not go in the potty. Could not figure it out. and never did. Well try the timer it just might work it did for evans good luck :wink:


Postby George » Thu May 19, 2005 3:14 pm

Thanks for all the support and advise. I will consult the store clerk when I purchse the flax seed oil as to how and how much I should administer. It's nice to find a helpful, supportive forum. You guys do a great job. My wife and I are so grateful. :lol:

mom from mass
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mom from mass

Postby mom from mass » Thu May 19, 2005 9:36 pm

You are very welcome :wink: This is like a second fam. We will help with what ever we can. It is a pleasure to help each other. It's also 8)

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