Faissha is a sea fish,its very tasty

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Faissha is a sea fish,its very tasty

Postby EmilyJackM » Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:10 pm

* 1 Faissha Fish: ½ kg
* 2 Soya been Oil: ½ Liter
* 3 Onion: 2 Pieces (medium)
* 4 Salt: as required
* 5 Tamarind: 1 Piece
* 6 Green Chili: 10/12 Pieces
* 7 Turmeric
* 8 Dry chili powder


1. Clean the Faissha fish with water very well.
2. Mix the fishes with Salt, turmeric, dry chili powder.
3. Turn the burner on and put the pan on to it, pour the pan with soya bean oil. If the oil is sufficiently hot, put the fishes in to oil to fry.
4. Meanwhile burn the green chili from the fire (medium).
5. Take a small bowl and mix the tamarind with water to make sauce. Take those burned chili and make paste. Mix the burned chili paste, tamarind sauce, onion slices and salt (as required).
6. Now if the fishes are well fried, take those into a plate and a small cup of tamarind sauce and serve.

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