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Healthy snacks for school

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2013 5:21 pm
by noelm
DS started a new school last week and this school has a routine where parents provide snack for the class. The idea chipped in are,
- low, non-fat milk (DS does not drink cow milk)
- Sugar free or low sugar fruit juice (DS drink juice only from fruits, no processed juice)
- Water (I was surprised at this)
- Goldfish crackers X
- Pretzels X
- Ritz crackers X
- Raisins
- Saltines X
- Cheez-Its X
- Fresh fruit
- Baby carrots
- Yogurts
- Cheese
- Graham crackers X
(X - We discourage these / processed foods)

Tomorrow is parents' coffee night, where we plan to discuss what else can be added and if anybody's child is allergic to anything.

I need more ideas on HEALTHY snacks (along with the brands, if possible). We tried our best to reach to the point where we eat very little processed stuff. I do not want DS to go back to standard American diet and go downhill.

Thanks a ton in advance.