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New to Biomed & Diets: Acronyms

Postby ModeratorBill » Wed Nov 19, 2008 10:57 am

Common acronyms and abbreviations used in this forum, as compiled by AW members:

AC = activated charcoal
ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder
AS - Asperger's Syndrome
ABA - Applied Behavior Analysis
AIT = Auditory Integration Training
ARI = Autism Research Institute
BED = Body Ecology Diet
CLO = Cod Liver Oil
DAN! or DAN = (Formerly) Defeat Autism Now, name dropped and program changed by Autism Research Institute
DSM IV or 5=Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Version 4 or 5
EFA = essential fatty acid
EPO = Evening Primrose Oil
GAR = genetic analysis report
Gc-MAF = Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor
GFCF = Gluten Free, Casein Free
GI - gastrointestinal
GSE -- Grape Seed Extract OR Grapefruit Seed Extract
GFSE -- GrapeFruit Seed Extract
GFCFSF -- Gluten Free, Casein Free, Soy Free
HBOT - hyperbaric oxygen therapy
HFA = high functioning autism
HMD -- Heavy metal detoxification
IFSP = Individual family service plan
IEP = Individualized education plan
IDEA- Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
LOD = Low Oxalate Diet
LDN = Low Dose Naltrexone
MAP test - Metabolic Analysis Profile
mito - mitochondrial (disorder or dysfunction)
mHBOT = mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy
mB12 -- methyl vitamin B12
NT - neurotypical (person with typical neurology, person who doesn't have autism)
OOO or OoO -- Oil of Oregano
OAT -- Organic Acid Test
PDD -- Pervasive Development Disorder
PDD-NOS -- Pervasive Development Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified
PANDAS = Pediatric Autoimmune Disorders Associated with Strep
PECS = Picture Exchange Communication Systems (several forms)
RDI = Relationship Development Intervention
SIB = Self-Injurious Behavior
SCD = Specific Carbohydrate Diet
VB - Verbal behavior

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