New drug for autism?

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Re: New drug for autism?

Postby AspieGenes » Sun Dec 18, 2016 10:45 am

marciogama wrote:
AnxiousDad wrote:So what is this? Are these doctors acknowledging that there is an organism involved here and that is why they are treating it with Sumarin?? What is going on here?

Yes, they knew all the time. The good thing about all this is that we are on the right track (chelation, antivirals...).

They are not at all saying that Autism is caused by an organism. The drug has a wide range of effects not only on bacteria, but on humans.

There does not need to be an organism involved for people to feel effects from the drug.

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Re: New drug for autism?

Postby FatherOf2 » Sat May 27, 2017 12:10 pm

The Suramin study results are out: Parent reports are here: Basically, 5 parents who received Suramin reported great improvements. Kids who didn't talk in years started talking. Those, who talked, started using more complex sentences. More social interactions, better eye contact. The gains peaked 3 weeks after the single dose IV injection and disappeared completely in about 4-6 weeks. The parents reported that it was the best treatment they ever tried, but they didn't say what they have tried. 4 out 5 kids who received Suramin had regressive autism, with normal or even advanced development until 2-3 years of age, when the regression happened. The kid who was non-regressive seemed to benefit least. The fact that the study selectively picked regressive autism patients, who benefited most, makes me think that these patients may have Landau-Kleffner syndrome. It would be very interesting to know if these patients had any EEG abnormalities, especially in sleep, because LKS patients see enormous gains from steroids, which normalize EEG. I suspect that Suramin action is very similar to that of steroids, but the latter are easier to take and FDA approved. Whether Suramin will ever become FDA approved remains to be seen. It needs to get financial support from big pharma, which will probably not be interested in financing a 100yo drug because of patent expiration. If there is a continuation of the Suramin study, I would advise to divide patients into two groups: those receiving a Suramin injection and those receiving a steroid injection. I bet the results would be the same.

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