Magnetic Resonance Therapy -- anyone tried this?

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Re: Magnetic Resonance Therapy -- anyone tried this?

Postby Lisalof » Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:50 am

Wilbertdiaz wrote:We start the MRT treatment today as part of the study which I believe is being funded in part by the Federal Government. During the first 5 weeks of the treatment kids could be on a placebo trial. Then there is a 5 week follow up where all kids will get treatment (placebo and kids not in the placebo trial).

At the end of the 10 weeks the system reveals if the kid was part of the placebo, if that's the case they will get an additional 5 weeks of treatment, everybody gets 10 weeks regardless.

We will be doing it in Dr. Bradstreet office but noticed that they have people from the BTC in CA training their personnel, also the head of research doesn't work for Dr. Bradstreet. We had our initial EEG yesterday and we are positive about this treatment.

Our son is. 7 and he is mild on the Autism Spectrum with challenges with speech and social interactions. We have done almost everything out there to help him. Diet, ABA. HBOT, listening programs, NAET, Supplements (no chelation). If interested I can post progress reports here during the treatment.

Wilberto Diaz

Hi Wilberto, I know it has been a couple of years but I was wondering if you would be willing to provide an update on your son. My son will be 4 in June and this treatment has been recommended to him. I've been researching this treatment and specifically trying to find the long term effects of this, without much luck.
Thank you!


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Re: Magnetic Resonance Therapy -- anyone tried this?

Postby sarari » Thu Jul 07, 2016 12:40 am

I would love to know any updates as well!

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Re: Magnetic Resonance Therapy -- anyone tried this?

Postby Hayakawa1 » Sun Dec 04, 2016 2:44 pm

HI, I'm interested on Magnetic Resonance Therapy. any updates on how it went for you?
Wilberdiaz, Lisalof. Or draganaj?
Thanks appreciate any new findings on this.

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Re: Magnetic Resonance Therapy -- anyone tried this?

Postby Paola » Tue Jan 17, 2017 1:11 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for feedback on the MRT treatment, I read the post of draganaj and the results are amazing, I also read all the posts of father of 2 and he is amazing, so draganaj could you tell me where you get the treatment the clinic and the dr or do you think there is someone in Canada that may do it?
I know its been over a year but if you could give some advice it would be very appreciate it.

Thank you so much!

Re: Magnetic Resonance Therapy -- anyone tried this?


Postby draganaj » Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:21 am
Hi All,

We did tried MRT this summer in California. The results are very promissing.
Our son was nonverbal, and now he has started Speech. So far we gained approx 10 Words. We finished MRT in early August, he was back to Speech therapy midd August. So i do hope it is begin.
More important, he has improve a lot on sensory and cognitive Field. Hes receptive Language is great. Before treatment he would allways freak out and run away when he hears loud sounds such as tractors, lownmover and now we are at the stage when he notice it but continue With his Activity With no disturbance. After one week of treatment we managed to get him sitting for 30 mins to watch Dolphins show at Seaworld. That was mission impossible before.
His hyperactivity decreased very substantialy after the treatment. In general i would say he is more "present" and "With us" now.
We did 5 weeks (1 trial week-4 weeks) in total 24 therapies. This is all about his clinical Picture and how much it has changed.
The EEG has changed a lot, too.
They discovered that his brain had theta Waves dominant when calm, which is normal untill age of 1,5.He has had alpha Waves but not dominant as it should be. In addition his brain was working very slow, on the approx 4 HZ (NT should work in the range of 8-12).
What they focused in his protocol is that they speed up the brain and pushed theta towards alpha Waves.
We ended up on his brain speed being 9hz,lost 80% theta Waves, With Alpha being dominant.

Hope this explains a bit to all of you.

I would recommend to try (you never know if that will work, untill you give a try), we took a risk of being costly With no any promisse that would work.
I do think it requires more rounds but as i understand there is no therapy that could do miracle to Our kids

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