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Any improvement from Dr Krigsman's treatment?

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 12:57 pm
by Sunvik
To all angel moms & dads who has experience with Dr krigsman,,

We recently met with Dr krigsman and done with scopings. Endoscopy,colonoscopy shows that he has LNH in Duedonum,ileum. We are still waiting for biopsies results. My son has high IGE levels (around 2300 , normal is <200 ) and parasites growth is there and initial blood works shows that he has symptoms of crohn's, but not crohns's .In the first meeting , krigsman mentioned that he might have to put him on steroids to supress his immune system temporarily and also some anti fungal medication. As of now, he didn't mention about any dietery changes.

I got a chance to talk to his regular GI who my son sees in our area often when my son had stomach pain this week. And i mentioned about these scopes.etc. He mentioned that he is aware of what Dr krigsman does and they do not support his thoughts of using powerful medication on kids.

Did any of you face this kind of situation ? How bad are these steroids ? The side effects..what can i expect ? What improvement did you see in your kids so far ..gut wise ?

Your input will be valuable to us. Thanks

Re: Any improvement from Dr Krigsman's treatment?

Posted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:10 pm
by crazydaddy
Does anybody have other feedback regarding Krigsman?

Re: Any improvement from Dr Krigsman's treatment?

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 2:07 pm
by luvpiggy

I am interested in Dr. Krigsman as well. My son is 19 with severe non verbal autism and has struggled with a very unusual form of profound chronic constipation in which he produces so much stool that although he has bm's he is often constipated. He has been on very aggressive treatments for the past three years, and he was hospitalized at a popular Children's Hospital for aggression caused by supposed pain recently with us being given very confusing advice regarding his bowel regimen. In short, we were told to increase treatments and back off of treatments at the same time. We now live within a three hour drive of Dr. Krigsman, and I am not one that would expect him to cure my son. He just needs to be comfortable, and I wonder if he would be more likely to get to cause of why our son produces so much stool no matter what type of diet, treatments, etc. Of course, I am frightened of his fees though, etc., and any advice would be appreciated.

Re: Any improvement from Dr Krigsman's treatment?

Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:08 am
by crazydaddy
We had a phone consult with Krigsman and the worry that we have is that he's not attacking the root cause of asd symptoms but rather making the gut more 'comfortable' to relieve some of the asd symptoms and manifestations.

This comes at a great expense to the kids bodies from researching his protocol...very invasive testing and powerful steroids meds. We are planning to hold off on this as we want to attack things upstream of the gut -- ie what caused the gut issues in the first place.

So far we're following monkeyman's path which is in the 'what worked for treatment' section -- MB12 shots and ACC is working very well for us so far.